Letter Never Sent
S2 episode 16 Aired on December 6, 2011

Just before Annie is set to take an R&R trip to Sweden, she stops by her sister's house and finds out that Danielle's husband has been cheating on her with two women in the past year. Annie invites her sister to come along on the vacation.

In Stockholm, the sisters meet a childhood friend named Magnus. The handsome Magnus is not a kid anymore and there's instant chemistry between him and Danielle. And what vacation wouldn't be complete in Annie's world if Auggie didn't call from Langley and put her on a "time sensitive" operation to pick up and deliver an eyes-only envelope? Annie agrees, but when she picks up the intel from a "Petr" and heads to a black-tie event to deliver it, the recipient mistakes Danielle for Annie and the hand-off has to be scrapped. Annie goes to return the envelope to Petr, as is protocol, but finds him dead. Annie's vacation has been cut short.

Back in the States, Henry and Jai Wilcox are setting themselves up to sell-out Arthur Campbell and take over operations when Jai is called in front of an inquest board to explain an unauthorized operation. And Auggie chooses to submit himself to an experimental new optical treatment that could return his eyesight.