What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
S2 episode 15 Aired on November 29, 2011

While Annie keeps up her appearance as a Smithsonian employee, a British man named Kenneth Martin stealthily steals her wallet so that he can pass along a message to her to meet him later. When she does, he proposes that she work for England's own spy agency: MI6. After talking it over with the Agency, Joan has her suspicions about Martin but wants Annie to accept the offer and find out why the U.K. has spies hanging around the Smithsonian Institute.

Martin's first assignment for Annie is to get him access to Karim Bichri, a Smithsonian Institute art restorer. But getting into to Bichri's workplace will be harder than it looks. Annie and Henry will have to work after hours at the museum if they're to find out whether Bichri is engaging in extra-curricular activities.

Meanwhile, Jai's father, Henry Wilcox, advises him to reopen a dormant operation called "Ministry." When Jai approaches Hadley, the man who drafted the operation's original protocol, he courts Hadley with the promise of higher pay and a promotion if he can get the operation back off the ground and run it. Jai authorizes the operation's team to head to Bolivia and infiltrate the country's communication infrastructure. But is this a legitimate campaign or is Jai Wilcox just trying to gain leverage on Arthur Campbell?