A Girl Like You
S2 episode 13 Aired on November 15, 2011

Special Agent Vincent Rossabi pulls Annie away from a date at a blues club to inform her that one of his agent's "confidential informants" was meeting with a CIA operative. He asks Annie to make the Agency back off. It turns out the CIA operative is Eyal Lavin, Annie's long time counterpart in the Mossad.

Eyal Levin is in the States following the informant, Ya'qub "Jacob" Yessen, who is the son of a wealthy emir. He is connected to a deep-cover asset of Mossad on US soil and the Israeli agency wants him returned safely. Annie must now play both sides and help Levin extract the imbedded agent.

Meanwhile, Auggie is reconciling Parker's news of acceptance into the Peace Corps. She's leaving for Eritrea and Auggie is not only saddened by this revelation but also worried for her safety in the dangerous Horn of Africa country.