S2 episode 12 Aired on November 8, 2011

Annie is on the hunt for Isaac Von Hagen. He has led her to Berlin, Germany, after she followed his international paper trail of money laundering for terrorists and tax-evaders. But in order to get to Von Hagen, Annie must make contact with his wife, Elsa. When she does, Elsa demands to speak to CIA honcho Arthur Campbell in person. The two have a deep history.

As Arthur heads to Berlin to rendezvous with Annie and Elsa, Joan takes over his spot in Langley. The history between Elsa and Arthur is not lost on Joan. So Joan orders Annie to spy on her husband and warns her not to trust Elsa, who was once part of the German Stasi. When Arthur and Elsa finally meet in Berlin, he convinces her to vouch for him with her husband so that he can infiltrate the money laundering activity as a client.

Annie must straddle her allegiance to both of her bosses during this operation. Elsa tells Annie that she has set up a meeting with Arthur and her husband. But she also tells Annie that Arthur should not accept Isaac's first business proposition because her husband will know it's a set-up. Annie will have to use her instincts to trust the right people.