The Wakeup Bomb
S2 episode 11 Aired on November 1, 2011

Annie is in Venice, Italy making an intel pick-up from a man with a white scarf in a busy public square. However, the operation goes bad when her contact is shot dead and the hit men get away.


Back in the States, Annie is still trying to reconcile with Danielle after telling her the truth about the CIA. Danielle doesn't want to hear it. She asks Annie to move the rest of her things out of the guest home. Annie is crushed by her sister's disdain and moves into a new "safe house." 

She meets a charming chef when she sits down to dinner alone at a Spanish tapas restaurant. He's so charming that she drinks too much and the chef is forced to let her sleep at his house when she won't reveal where she lives.

Back at work, Joan isn't happy. Not only is Annie not supposed to be "seeing" foreigners, but this rock star chef happens to be in the crosshairs of Spanish intelligence officers because he's allegedly part of the terrorist Basque separatist organization, ETA. Joan tells Annie she just found her new op.