World Leader Pretend
S2 episode 10 Aired on August 9, 2011

Shen Yue is a brilliant hydro-electric engineer and a Chinese national who plans to defect to the United States during a conference in Washington D.C. Annie wrote the file on Shen so she will be facilitating his defection and serving as his point person for intelligence retrieval. Annie attends the conference banquet to extract Shen, and before dessert is served, she and Jai release him into freedom. 

With one of her career cases coming to a close, Annie returns home to muster the courage to finally tell her sister, Danielle about her clandestine life. When she returns to an empty house, she receives a phone call that Shen was rushed to the hospital for suspected food poisoning. Annie meets Shen at the hospital and discovers that he has been poisoned with radiation and is slowly dying.

Afraid of exposing Danielle and her kids to possible radiation, Annie tells her sister not to return home. This only hastens the inevitable conversation Annie must have with her sister, finally revealing that she is a covert officer of the Central Intelligence Agency.