What is and What Should Never Be
S1 episode 8 Aired on August 31, 2010

Annie is posing as a Smithsonian art buyer at the Brambles Auction House in order to survey odd spending behaviors. So when a bald man bids seven million dollars more than he needs to on a painting, Annie and Auggie are suspicious.

Later, Annie's sister Danielle is barbequing in the back yard and makes Annie invite Jai over on a "date." Jai and Annie find themselves enjoying one another's company but just after Annie says goodbye, she finds Ben, her long lost ex-lover, sitting on her couch.

Ben tells Annie he stranded her in Sri Lanka to protect her from a mission he was on with the Agency. This is all news to Annie, who had never before suspected him of working for the CIA. Ben also admits that he was the shadowy figure who saved her life in the D.C. subway station (Episode 1).

But not only has Ben showed back up in Annie's life, he has information for her on the painting from the auction. A Russian arms dealer uses the auction house to move large amounts of money in a massive arms trade. This time, a missile guidance system was the item that was sold to the highest bidder.