Communication Breakdown
S1 episode 7 Aired on August 24, 2010

Washington, D.C. wakes up to a city without Internet, cellular data or a communications infrastructure. DPD is tasked with finding out who is behind this widespread cyber attack when it's learned that sensitive government servers may have been breached.

Joan asks Auggie to step out of the Langley office and become a field operative at a high profile "hacker" convention, where they believe an infamous Russian cyber-terrorist and anarchist, Natasha Petrovna, is attending. The only problem? Petrovna is also Auggie's ex-girlfriend. Annie accompanies him to the convention to offer two million dollars for the safe return of sensitive government codes. After Natasha balks at the deal, Joan steps up the heat and makes Auggie give her the ultimate ultimatum: break with her morals or get thrown in prison.

At the same time, Annie is ordered to tell her sister to take down photos of her that her sister posted on a cooking blog. Danielle is insulted by the request, further driving a wedge between the two siblings' very different lives.