Houses of the Holy
S1 episode 6 Aired on August 17, 2010

Clandestine U.S. operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan are not going as planned. Each time a Hellfire drone drops a bomb on a suspected terrorist, the target isn't there. The government thinks it's a leak.

DPD is given the task of finding the leak in the CIA and Intelligence community, which they believe starts with a U.S. senator. High treason is the charge if Annie and Jai can get close enough to their respective senators and bring them down. 

Annie is assigned to spy on Senator Gil Jarvis, a committee chair. Posing as a Smithsonian private art curator, she discovers that Jarvis has secret meetings at his office on Tuesday nights. When Annie works her magic to get close enough to the office that evening, she discovers something she never expected about Senator Gil Jarvis' extra-curricular activities.

Annie also catches her brother-in-law in a lie when she sees him coming out of a hotel after he claimed he had to work late. Could it be an affair?