In the Light
S1 episode 5 Aired on August 10, 2010

Ben, Annie's mysterious lover from Sri Lanka, has reappeared and he's tracking down a terrorist named Hasaan, who is smuggling surface-to-air missiles into the United States.

Back at DPD, Jai's father and former CIA black ops director, Henry Wilcox, shows up for the dedication of the new headquarters in his name. Everyone is on edge, because of Henry's dark history with the Company and his questionable decisions as Jai's father.

Annie is given the rookie task of tracking down Christopher McCauley, a former deep-cover officer who has expertise in East African intelligence. But the recluse McCauley isn't the chatty type and Annie will need more than just her CIA training to get him to talk. After winning him over with his dogs and his love affair with fly fishing, McCauley turns her around and directs her to Henry Wilcox whose illicit past may be the only way DPD will be able to track down Hasaan.