No Quarter
S1 episode 4 Aired on August 3, 2010

Annie is sent to Zurich to complete a simple "brush pass" - meet her Mossad contact, swap briefcases, and head back to the U.S. But before she can complete her objective, the airport is attacked, and a man attempts to steal Annie's briefcase. Annie is able to fight him off and make it out of the Airport safely, but with the Zurich police looking to question her and her mission not completed, Annie is forced to hide her briefcase in a nearby hotel and seek out Fatma, a.k.a. "The Turk" - a bridge agent who promises Annie a new identity and transports her to a safe house. There, much to Annie's surprise, her Mossad contact, Eyal, is already waiting.

Not knowing whether she can trust Eyal, Annie turns to Auggie and the DPD for help - but Eyal cuts off communication before she can give away their position, worried that the CIA compromised their mission. Back in the DPD, Arthur begins conducting an investigation into who has been leaking information to Liza Hearn, pulling a number of staff - including Auggie - out of the DPD for polygraph tests. Without Auggie to guide her and stuck in the safe house with Eyal, Annie is unsure of what to do. But one thing is certain: whoever compromised their mission is still after them, and they're willing to kill for whatever's in the briefcases.