South Bound Suarez
S1 episode 3 Aired on July 27, 2010

Bonding (and flirting) over a hard-fought game of soccer, Annie gets close to a young college student, Diego Suarez. But it's all part of life in the CIA - her objective is to gain access to Victor Ponces, a corrupt government official in Venezuela ... whose mistress just happens to be Julia Suarez, Diego's sister. Taking advantage of Diego's boyhood crush (as well as letting him know that if he doesn't cooperate, he could be deported), Annie gets Diego to accompany her back to Caracas, Venezuela, to convince Julia to help the CIA track Victor's financial dealings. All Annie has to do is accompany him, hand him off to the local station agent, and then return.

But when the station agent, Lopez, fails to show, Annie is given the job of enlisting Julia's help to uncover evidence of Victor's illegal dealings. At first, Julia refuses to believe Annie's claim that Victor is a bad man, but is ultimately convinced to cooperate, for Diego's sake. Once Annie meets Victor, however, the local CIA agents deliver the bad news - they found the body of Lopez, and that new necklace Victor gave Julia? A trophy Victor took from Lopez. But with the plan already in motion, Annie has no choice but to finish the job, and hope that Victor hasn't figured out yet that she's CIA...