When the Levee Breaks
S1 episode 11 Aired on September 14, 2010

While Annie and Auggie endure another CIA awards ceremony, the elusive Ben Mercer makes another unwanted appearance. The DPD decide to bring him in for a polygraph test to find out exactly what he knows. Ben reveals that his deep undercover operations were about using a science teacher named Anton Sabine as human bait to get to Felix Artigas, an arms dealer. However, after getting to know Annie in Sri Lanka, Ben changed his mind and decided to go rogue.

Ben tells the DPD that Artigas has kidnapped Sabine and taken him to Sri Lanka where he'll force him into developing chemical weapons. Ben requests CIA resources so he can travel to Sri Lanka and rescue Sabine. Arthur and Joan realize that they have no choice. Instead of sending Jai though, they decide to send Annie as Ben's handler.

Meanwhile, Auggie's lover Liza Hearns is prepared to publish a scathing article that could jeopardize and expose CIA operations in many other countries. Arthur pleads with Auggie, but time is quickly running out.