S1 episode 1 Aired on July 13, 2010

During a blissful vacation, Annie Walker falls hard for Ben, a man who just might be the "one." Then, Ben abruptly disappears, leaving only a cryptic note. Back in Washington DC, Annie lands a job at the CIA and soon begins her training at the "Farm." Before she can finish though, Annie is plucked out and designated for assignment with the Clandestine Services division. Luckily, Annie has the guidance of Auggie, the blind but tech-savvy analyst who will help her navigate the secretive and complex world of the CIA.

Because of her ability to speak six languages fluently, the CIA wants Annie to make contact with a Russian assassin, Stas, who is holed up at a motel in Washington DC. She is to use a gadget to transmit and store sensitive intelligence from his smartphone. Of course, her first day is anything but routine when a sniper takes out Stas and nearly kills Annie in a hail of bullets; from here on out, Annie's training will come on the job. 

After things go awry, Annie is thrust into a massive CIA campaign to protect a famous Russian journalist. From high-speed car chases to breaking into morgues to mixing it up with "Mr. Wrong," Annie must use every resource she has to survive and make sure the Russian writer doesn't end up dead. And in a dramatic turn of events, Annie's long lost lover pays her a visit.

Meanwhile, Annie's boss with Clandestine Services, Joan, uses legal and illegal means to find out if her husband, Arthur, the director of Clandestine Services, is involved in an affair. Their mistrust of one another is affecting their careers in the CIA and their marriage.