Do you have the skills of top covert operative Michael Westen? In Burn Notice: Shadow Recruit you get your chance to find out. In this addictive game, you will use his tools, work with his team... and battle his enemies. Burn Notice: Shadow Recruit features battle-based strategy game play that allows you to re-enact missions from all-new episodes of the hit show "Burn Notice" on the USA Network. Each level provides new challenges and stronger foes.

Your mission: sharpen your skills, learn from Michael Westen... and become the Shadow Recruit.


1. Become a member of Michael’s team
2. Choose your weapon
3. Select your enemy


Pay attention to the attack styles and remember each has one strength and one weakness. Choose your enemy wisely and you’ll defeat them.

For more game tips, check out the complete tutorial after you download the game.

Shadow Recruit