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S1 EP10
Flashback to a month ago. A mysterious robber bursts into a Loco stash house, stealing stacks of cash and gunning down the 17-year-old little brother of a gang bigwig.
S1 EP8
At Bridget’s demand, John is back in therapy, where Dr. Laster presents him with some interesting theories about his behavior. And although John is quick to dismiss her diagnosis of a compulsion disorder, it doesn't take long before he once again finds himself embroiled in a gang-related crisis when a fellow doctor overhears some Locos-affiliated patients talking about busting up a Vine City party and comes to John with the information. John feels compelled to get involved and warns Darius about what’s going to happen, but rather than cancel the event as John had hoped, Darius plans to lay low and wait for the Locos to attack. Now instead of averting a bloodbath, John’s actions may actually drive up the body count.
S1 EP9
The time has finally come for John to come clean to Samantha, and together they begin to strategize about what their next move should be. The first step is to get out of town, but unfortunately that plan is ruined after John is subpoenaed to appear at a hearing and the DA’s office requests that a travel restriction be placed on him. Kyle makes it clear he’s done helping Sam, so for the time being the Ellison family remains stuck in town—and John remains trapped between two violent gangs.
S1 EP7
Activity on the Antoine Tyler front is calm for the time being, but John still has a few fires to put out. Bridget is continuing to ask questions about what she saw the night of the gang shootings, so he comes up with a new story to try to throw her off, claiming that he has PTSD and gave himself an injection to help with an anxiety attack.
S1 EP6
The morning after the burger joint shooting, Darius has made good on his promise to put a stop to the bloodshed, and John and Gretchen meet up with him at Blair Cosmetic Surgery to check in on Antoine and tend to Darius’s leg wound. After the meeting, John makes his way home to get some much-needed sleep while Gretchen heads off on a very different mission: tracking down the little brother of the shooter who died in the hospital the night before. Gretchen’s concern for Elio’s safety takes her smack in the heart of Norteños Locos gang territory, where she finds the boy in a very different kind of danger at the hands of a predatory neighbor. She attempts to flee with Elio, but to get him to safety she’ll first have to get past a group of armed gang members who aren’t exactly welcoming of an intruder on their territory.
S1 EP5
In the aftermath of the gang shooting outside an area burger joint, Atlanta has erupted in retaliatory attacks, and gunshot victims from both rival gangs are pouring into the Samaritan Emergency Department. Called in to help handle the onslaught, John is soon surprised to find Darius Bishop in an exam room with a police escort, a gunshot wound to the leg and a request: help him get out of the hospital and in touch with his men so he can tell them to stand down and end the massacre. Fearing Darius’s wrath – and that if he doesn’t help Darius, even more people will die – John reluctantly agrees to help.
S1 EP4
Immune Response
With Dr. O’Neill still determined to find out what really happened during the botched transfer to Ansley Medical Center, John and Gretchen decide that they need to move Antoine to a new location before he gets discovered. Gretchen agrees to look for a new facility, but before she can do that she’s surprised by a visit from her little sister. Apparently, Ingrid has been thrown out of rehab for late payment, and in order to get her back in, Gretchen will need to come up with $9600 by the end of the week. Fortunately, when her sleazy former boss at Blair Cosmetic Surgery agrees to take Antoine in at his medical facility for a hefty fee, Gretchen sees an opportunity to surreptitiously get her hands on the money.
S1 EP3
Following through on her promise to help abuse victim Hillary leave her boyfriend, Gretchen goes to pick up Hillary’s stuff from Seth’s house, bringing backup in the form of her very large friend Jed from the Records department at Samaritan. Unfortunately, things get a little out of hand, and when Seth winds up a bloodied mess after finding himself on the wrong end of a waffle iron wielded by Gretchen, she’s forced to call John for help.
S1 EP2
In the wake of the break-in at the Ellison house, the police have arrived and are asking questions. John’s first instinct is to tell them everything—that it was EZ’s men, that they came bearing pictures of murdered members of a rival gang, that they’re trying to force him to continue to help Antoine—but a furtive phone call to Gretchen changes his mind. Instead of coming clean, he decides the best move is to tell the cops he knows nothing.
S1 EP1
It’s a beautiful Atlanta morning and Dr. John Ellison, a dedicated ten-year veteran of the ER, is wrapping up a night shift and heading home to his wife Samantha and son Oliver. Unfortunately, before he can get some much-needed sleep the discovery of an injured squirrel sends him rushing to a veterinarian. Along the way, John finds himself in the midst of a much more serious crisis when he hears gunshots ring out near a local playground and realizes a kid has been shot. John runs to assist the boy, and when the shooters return to finish the job, he finds himself left with no choice but to grab a nearby gun and pull the trigger.