S1 episode 9 Aired on July 30, 2015

The time has finally come for John to come clean to Samantha, and together they begin to strategize about what their next move should be. The first step is to get out of town, but unfortunately that plan is ruined after John is subpoenaed to appear at a hearing and the DA’s office requests that a travel restriction be placed on him. Kyle makes it clear he’s done helping Sam, so for the time being the Ellison family remains stuck in town—and John remains trapped between two violent gangs. 

Though the Ellisons decide to stay with John’s father, it soon becomes clear that won’t be far enough away to keep John safe. After John tells Darius that Antoine is ready to be moved home, he and Gretchen try to get their hands on the necessary supplies. But while they’re trying to do that, John is chased down and attacked by a car, landing him in a hospital bed. Fortunately, he escapes without any grave injuries, but the experience makes it clear to him that he’ll need to take drastic action if he wants to put an end to the mayhem once and for all. So he leaves an envelope with Dr. O’Neill with instructions to give it to the police should anything happen to him, and heads to prison to pay a visit to EZ Tyler and deliver a bold ultimatum. 

Meanwhile, Gretchen’s sister Ingrid gets kicked out of rehab and puts her recovery at risk when she winds up having to care for still-detoxing Jed, and Samantha gets a surprise late-night visit from Kyle that could put her marriage in even further danger.