S1 episode 8 Aired on July 30, 2015

At Bridget’s demand, John is back in therapy, where Dr. Laster presents him with some interesting theories about his behavior. And although John is quick to dismiss her diagnosis of a compulsion disorder, it doesn't take long before he once again finds himself embroiled in a gang-related crisis when a fellow doctor overhears some Locos-affiliated patients talking about busting up a Vine City party and comes to John with the information. John feels compelled to get involved and warns Darius about what’s going to happen, but rather than cancel the event as John had hoped, Darius plans to lay low and wait for the Locos to attack. Now instead of averting a bloodbath, John’s actions may actually drive up the body count. 

So despite Gretchen’s reminder of the danger, John decides that he has no choice but to drive into the heart of Locos territory to give them a heads up about the ambush. Though he manages to deliver the message, unfortunately Gretchen’s warning proves prescient and he finds himself surrounded by very hostile, very dangerous gang members who are neither happy to see him in their part of town nor eager to let him leave it alive. 

Meanwhile, sensing that John is still hiding something from her, Samantha sets up a meeting with Detective Holden from the Gang Task Force and he lays out his theories about John’s involvement with the Vine City Crew.  He argues that it would be best for the Ellison family if she could persuade John to work with the police, but Sam isn’t convinced. She is, however, more determined than ever to get the truth from John about what’s really going on.