S1 episode 6 Aired on July 16, 2015

The morning after the burger joint shooting, Darius has made good on his promise to put a stop to the bloodshed, and John and Gretchen meet up with him at Blair Cosmetic Surgery to check in on Antoine and tend to Darius’s leg wound. After the meeting, John makes his way home to get some much-needed sleep while Gretchen heads off on a very different mission: tracking down the little brother of the shooter who died in the hospital the night before. Gretchen’s concern for Elio’s safety takes her smack in the heart of Norteños Locos gang territory, where she finds the boy in a very different kind of danger at the hands of a predatory neighbor. She attempts to flee with Elio, but to get him to safety she’ll first have to get past a group of armed gang members who aren’t exactly welcoming of an intruder on their territory. 

Meanwhile, John’s plans for some rest quickly evaporate when he’s awoken by a call from Bridget wondering why she’d seen him coming out of a physical therapy room and disposing of a needle the night before. But before they can finish the conversation, John is interrupted by a visit from Detective Robert Holden from the gang task force, who’d been at the hospital the night before and now has some difficult questions for John. As Holden ferries John from the prior night’s murder scene to the police station, it becomes clear that he’s got suspicions about John’s involvement with EZ’s gang. Thanks to some quick thinking on John’s part, and some pressure from his wife-cum-lawyer Samantha, Detective Holden is forced to send John home. But whether the detective—or Sam—will accept John’s ever-changing excuses and stories remains to be seen.