S1 episode 5 Aired on July 9, 2015

In the aftermath of the gang shooting outside an area burger joint, Atlanta has erupted in retaliatory attacks, and gunshot victims from both rival gangs are pouring into the Samaritan Emergency Department. Called in to help handle the onslaught, John is soon surprised to find Darius Bishop in an exam room with a police escort, a gunshot wound to the leg and a request: help him get out of the hospital and in touch with his men so he can tell them to stand down and end the massacre. Fearing Darius’s wrath – and that if he doesn’t help Darius, even more people will die – John reluctantly agrees to help. 

As John tends to Darius, Dr. O’Neill sustains an injury while caught between two dueling gangbangers, and Gretchen helps treat the shooter who started the whole bloodbath. Though Gretchen is hardly sympathetic to the young woman, when the girl mentions that her 7-year-old brother is alone and isn’t safe, Gretchen can’t help but be concerned. 

Meanwhile, after helping Darius sneak past the cops, John is forced to perform secret emergency surgery in an empty wing of the hospital to remove the bullet from his fugitive patient’s leg. He can only hope that no one from the hospital – or the police department – discovers them, or the consequences could be dire for everyone.