Immune Response
S1 episode 4 Aired on July 2, 2015

With Dr. O’Neill still determined to find out what really happened during the botched transfer to Ansley Medical Center, John and Gretchen decide that they need to move Antoine to a new location before he gets discovered. Gretchen agrees to look for a new facility, but before she can do that she’s surprised by a visit from her little sister. Apparently, Ingrid has been thrown out of rehab for late payment, and in order to get her back in, Gretchen will need to come up with $9600 by the end of the week. Fortunately, when her sleazy former boss at Blair Cosmetic Surgery agrees to take Antoine in at his medical facility for a hefty fee, Gretchen sees an opportunity to surreptitiously get her hands on the money. 

Once Gretchen has come through with a new recovery location for Antoine, it’s up to John to get the money from the gang. Darius isn’t exactly pleased by John’s demand for $35,000, but he agrees to it. The only hitch? John has to go with him as he collects the money, which gives John a firsthand look at just how dangerous the gang’s business—and Darius—can be. 

Meanwhile, there’s another threat lurking in the form of Kyle, Sam’s one-time lover. Though Sam has been relying on his contacts in the District Attorney’s office in the wake of the shooting, she’s reluctant to resume their affair. But with the relationship between John and Samantha growing increasingly strained and Kyle making it clear that he’s far from ready to walk away, the Ellison marriage could be on unsteady ground.