S1 episode 3 Aired on June 25, 2015

Following through on her promise to help abuse victim Hillary leave her boyfriend, Gretchen goes to pick up Hillary’s stuff from Seth’s house, bringing backup in the form of her very large friend Jed from the Records department at Samaritan. Unfortunately, things get a little out of hand, and when Seth winds up a bloodied mess after finding himself on the wrong end of a waffle iron wielded by Gretchen, she’s forced to call John for help. 

After arriving at Seth’s house and getting him out of imminent danger, John wants to call 911, but Gretchen convinces him that they can’t take Seth to a hospital until they’re sure he won’t talk. John leaves the patient in Gretchen’s care, but while at Seth’s house Gretchen and Jed learn that thanks to the discovery that Henry Maxson’s sister had been billed for her late brother’s transfer (which is how Antoine got secretly moved to Ansley) Bridget is digging around the records department. Panicked that the Medicare scam they’re involved in will be discovered, Jed and Gretchen race to cover their tracks. 

Meanwhile, John meets with Darius to announce that he wants out. Insisting that this is a conversation John needs to have with EZ himself, Darius takes John to prison to pay the gang leader a visit, and EZ makes it clear that quitting is not an option; John is on the hook until Antoine has made a full recovery, and Darius and CJ will be there to make sure nothing stands in the doctor’s way of caring for Antoine. Which means that if John can’t find a way to make the Seth problem go away, they will—and their way could involve a lot more violence.