S1 episode 2 Aired on June 18, 2015

In the wake of the break-in at the Ellison house, the police have arrived and are asking questions. John’s first instinct is to tell them everything—that it was EZ’s men, that they came bearing pictures of murdered members of a rival gang, that they’re trying to force him to continue to help Antoine—but a furtive phone call to Gretchen changes his mind. Instead of coming clean, he decides the best move is to tell the cops he knows nothing. 

They appear to buy his story, but that doesn't mean he’s out of the woods: back at Samaritan, Dr. O’Neill has been tasked with looking into John’s cases from the night of his outburst at the hospital. Unfortunately, one of the patients she’s curious about is the abuse victim whom John and Gretchen conspired to get into isolation (and away from her boyfriend) by faking a positive result from a meningitis test. To hide their act of deception, Gretchen asks Hillary to lie and pretend she told Dr. Ellison that she had some symptoms of meningitis, but Hillary seems less than willing to help out. And if she tells Dr. O’Neill the truth, John and Gretchen could lose their jobs—or worse. 

While Gretchen tries to put out that fire, John finds himself in the middle of another crisis. When he goes to check on Antoine Tyler at the surgical center where he’d been secretly transferred, he’s horrified to discover that the boy is missing. Panicked, he uses the cell phone EZ’s men had left at his house and winds up meeting Darius, EZ’s right-hand man, who isn’t exactly pleased that John has lost Antoine and is convinced that the Locos are somehow involved. Unless John manages to find his missing patient, he could find himself in the middle of more bloodshed. 

Meanwhile Samantha, worried about her family’s safety following the break-in, meets with her contact at the DA’s office to see if there’s anything Kyle can do to help, and it becomes clear that there’s more to their past then just friendship.