S1 episode 10 Aired on August 13, 2015

Flashback to a month ago. A mysterious robber bursts into a Loco stash house, stealing stacks of cash and gunning down the 17-year-old little brother of a gang bigwig. 

Back in the present day, John and Samantha Ellison are dealing with the fallout from their own mistakes. Though the revelation of Sam’s affair haunts John, for now he’s got to focus on his meeting with the cops. Despite prodding by Detective Holden and his partner, John won’t reveal much until he can talk directly to the DA and get a protection deal for his family. But when Gretchen stops by Blair Surgery Center to check on Antoine shortly afterwards, she’s shocked to see Holden arriving and taking a gun with a silencer out of an evidence bag in his trunk. Clearly something John let slip tipped him off—and clearly something isn’t right with this cop. She calls John, and while Samantha and Ollie flee to the lake house, John races to help Antoine. 

Back at Blair, Gretchen tries to hide Antoine and keep Holden off the scent while she waits for John and Darius to arrive. When they do, Darius begins to put the pieces together, realizing that Holden must have been the one behind the stash house robbery that kicked off the whole Vine City Crew-Nortenos Locos gang war a month earlier. Now that word is out EZ wants peace, the two sides could start talking and figure out what really happened, and to make sure that doesn’t happen Holden is there to try to kill Antoine and keep the two gangs warring. And as unbelievable as the theory sounds, when Holden finds John, Gretchen and Darius tending to Antoine in an abandoned wing of the facility, it becomes clear that Darius was right—and that the dirty cop will stop at nothing to cover his tracks.