Season 1 episodes

S1 EP10
As the Raps crack down on the city, with bombings and drones everywhere, Katie and the Resistance gamble and take the Rap they captured to their loft to examine it. By the time they get there, hiding from the blanket surveillance and hijacking a Redhat car, they don’t have long with their prize. They try hacking and sawing at the metallic exterior but get nowhere. Morgan the software engineer decides they’ve been going about things all wrong: “We’re trying to brute force this, but this is tech, not mechanical.” She uses the Rap’s fingerprint to open a control panel. But before they can get any further, Will comes to warn them they’re out of time. We never get a peek at what’s behind the mask.
S1 EP9
Zero Day
Will and Beau continue to sell Proxy Snyder on the idea that there’s a new Resistance group operating outside the Wall. They use their investigation on the other side for recon on a plan to escape up to Beau’s cabin at Big Bear. But when the moment of truth comes and Will tells Katie it’s time to go, she refuses. Both Will and Katie feel they are doing the right thing for their family and are torn by their love for each other and their opposing beliefs about the best way forward. Will is hurting from Katie’s lies, but she’s still angry about his earlier secret attempt to rescue Charlie. They take turns blaming each other for Rachel’s death and end up farther apart than ever before. We also learn that on the day of the Arrival, Will fought his way across town to get home to his family. He’s fighting for his family still, but it’s much closer to home.
S1 EP8
In From The Cold
Quayle reveals himself to be more of a pragmatist than an idealist as he sees the tide turning against him and tries to make a deal. But he badly underestimates Will, who now knows Katie was working with the Resistance and protects her without letting on that he’s onto her. Katie’s cell suffers even more losses.
S1 EP7
Broussard is both hunter and prey in an episode that puts Will – with an assist from an unlikely informant – hot on his trail. Meanwhile, despite being a trained killer who has previously shown no hesitation, Broussard wrestles with following orders when it comes to dealing with Katie.
S1 EP6
Broussard kicks off the action by killing his fellow Redhats in the convoy carrying Will and Proxy Snyder. During the Resistance ambush, Broussard has a clear chance to kill Will, but doesn’t, remembering the deal Katie made with Quayle to protect Will. After Katie calls to report that Snyder and Will have taken refuge in the Yonk, Broussard protects Katie’s allegiances within earshot of Will as he searches, but then makes it clear she has to play along or her own people will bust down the door. When Quayle forces Broussard to make good on that threat later, Broussard stares down an armed Katie in the hunt for Snyder. Both Quayle and Snyder vow revenge – Quayle focuses on Katie and Snyder orders Will to throw everything they have at finding the treacherous Redhat Broussard: “I want him to die, badly.”
S1 EP4
Blind Spot
Whoa. A day in the life of Broussard is even more insane than we could have possibly imagined. In the opening sequence, a GoPro-style look into a Redhat’s typical workday basically reveals a dystopian version of COPS. After a brutal bust at a high school English class, the Redhats return to the locker room and it is discovered that Broussard is one of them. No wonder he has such good intel, including that the DHS is operating in a known pattern that could mean a VIP is coming through the Colony.
S1 EP5
After the capture of Geronimo, Will’s investigation leads to the surprising group behind Resistance propaganda – but Proxy Snyder refuses to acknowledge the truth. Katie doubles-down on her commitment to the cause, while Will’s suspicions about what’s going on in his own family amplify.
S1 EP3
98 Seconds
“98 Seconds” is all about timing. In the opening scene, we hear the voice of the Resistance, Geronimo, giving a rousing speech over pirated airwaves. He has the timing planned perfectly, so that when the Redhats locate where the transmission is coming from, he’s long gone -- the souvenir card, “I Am Geronimo,” left in his stead. One member of the Bowman family is a big Geronimo fan, and, surprisingly, it’s not Katie. Bram is taping the broadcast and adding it to his archive.
S1 EP2
A Brave New World
With the episode “A Brave New World," we see Will in action as he settles into his new job at the Transitional Authority. We also start to understand how Katie will use Will's connections to aid the Resistance. Consequences find their way to Carlos for Will's attempt to sneak into the Santa Monica bloc and the first glimpse of the Factory is as horrifying as you would expect. For every major character, it becomes clearer what their motivations are -- and why some people choose to collaborate, while others have no choice but to resist.
S1 EP1
In the short 10 months that it has been living under the Occupation, L.A. has changed quite a bit. After an event known as the Arrival takes hold of the city, its inhabitants find themselves under strict rule where everyone must abide by a curfew, forgo essential medical supplies, ration their food, ride bicycles, and subject themselves to constant surveillance. The worst part about it? The laws of the Colony are enforced by their fellow Angelenos who collaborate with their new “Hosts” for their own benefit -- cushier digs, more freedom, and safety for themselves and their families. Anyone who resists the rules will be arrested and sent to the Factory, and it’s pretty obvious this factory has nothing to do with cheesecake.