The Big Empty
S3 episode 9 Aired on June 27, 2018

Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) decides to stick around the Seattle colony, not knowing what Will (Josh Holloway) and Broussard (Tory Kittles) have planned for him. Snyder is snooping on Everett Kynes (Wayne Brady) for the IGA, but Broussard is out for answers and Will is out for revenge. In a tense, raw episode that brings to the surface a lot of buried secrets and emotions, will Snyder finally answer for everything he’s done?

Prepping to grab Snyder

When Snyder announces he’s sticking around the Seattle colony, Kynes tries to act unbothered, but assigns him a security detail. Will and Amy Leonard (Peyton List) rent a room down the hall from Snyder, Broussard gets a maintenance man’s uniform, and Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) switches his Community Patrol beat to be in position. Snyder stops at the hotel, telling his security he needs five minutes to change. Amy passes him in the hallway upstairs juggling ice buckets until Snyder offers her a hand and follows her into her room. Inside, Will socks him in the stomach. They tape and tie Snyder and toss him in Broussard’s laundry bin. From his post outside, Bram sees security so they call off their plan to leave the hotel and head to an empty storage room in the basement. Will is not gentle with him.

Snyder starts talking

He says the IGA sent him there to dig up dirt on Kynes, who they don’t like because he has his own agenda. After some prodding, he tells him about the bio weapon, and a giant storage facility for “outliers,” often ex-military people identified by the algorithm, who might also be spared by drones (which sound familiar to Broussard and Will). They’re being put in stasis containers and shipped off. “As long as the IGA delivers a certain number of outliers and a certain labor force, our hosts stay happy,” Snyder says. He guesses there are hundreds of thousands of them.

Time’s up for Snyder

In the lobby, Bram sees Snyder’s security detail getting antsy. Bram broadcasts their conversation, tipping off Broussard and the group. Amy isn’t happy about leaving Snyder with Will to likely be killed, but Broussard doesn’t think Snyder will be missed. Left alone with Will, Snyder desperately tries to convince him that he didn’t summon the IGA to the camp (which of course, he did, by telling Vincent what to broadcast). Will puts a gun to Snyder’s head and wants to hear Snyder accept responsibility, but Snyder insists he tried to get Will to leave the camp. Will fills an empty toilet with dirty water as Snyder sputters and pleads, telling Will he loved Charlie, too, and made sure that his body was buried. Will grabs Snyder and forces his head underwater, holding him as he struggles. At the last possible second, he lets Snyder up for air. When Bram arrives, he’s disgusted that Snyder is still alive. Bram offers to finish him, but Will doesn’t want that on his son’s conscience. Then Bram tells his dad about murdering a man who killed his friend during a Green Zone attack. But Will lets Snyder go.


When a soggy and shaken Snyder meets up with his security later, he lies and says he was with a woman. Amy tells Broussard she is done working with Will, whom she believes is unstable. Will goes home and finally breaks down. He cries for the son he lost, and the son he still has, hoping he hasn’t lost him, too.