S3 episode 8 Aired on June 20, 2018

First Broussard (Tory Kittles) turned up in the Seattle Colony, and now Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) is making the rounds, ostensibly to learn how Everett Kynes (Wayne Brady) runs the place so well. The gang is back together again! Except Will (Josh Holloway) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) still aren’t talking to each other and Snyder doesn’t know his old frenemies are in town. Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) joins the Seattle Community Patrol and works toward getting Grace (Isabella Crovetti) into a better school. Bram’s girlfriend Meadow wants to meet his family, but he explains that it’s complicated. Meanwhile, Katie’s curiosity gets the best of her and she goes looking for answers about what happens to the people she places (hint: it’s probably not good).

There’s a pod farm on Blake Island and ahhh, what is that?

A nearly naked man breaks out from a pod farm in a warehouse and runs for his life, pausing to hack up green goo. When he’s confronted by guards, he turns out to have some fairly developed fighting skills to go with his fit physique. He breaks free and runs, racing to the roof of the structure and nearly to freedom – until he reaches the edge and sees he’s on an impossibly tall cliff. The city of Seattle gleams in the distance, but he has no way to get there. Finally, he’s surrounded by guards and there are too many to fight off. The “outlier” has been caught.

Katie learns that she has been complicit

Katie goes to her boss Michelle wanting information about what happened with the family she placed who went missing, but Michelle tells Katie she should just be happy to be safe. But Katie can’t leave it alone. She goes to the intake area and sneaks on to bus D, the one her missing family took. On the bus, a recording announces that they’ve been selected to start over in the Portland Colony. When the bus stops for a transfer, Katie sees the masses of people heading into the unknown and gets a very bad feeling. The echoes of trains to concentration camps during the Holocaust is likely not accidental. Katie returns to the office and confronts Michelle, who again encourages Katie to butt out.

Kynes shows off the Seattle Colony to Snyder

Snyder visits Everett Kynes, saying he’s looking for insight on the right way to implement Kynes’ protocol. Kynes knows who Snyder is and enjoys comparing his success to Snyder’s LA failure. He leads Snyder on a walking tour of the intake area, like he’s a savior. Then he takes Snyder to the food growing operation, where produce is tended to by people in hazmats suits using the Host’s technology to grow it at rapid speeds. Kynes explains the Hosts gave him their tech. Snyder is ready for the next part of the tour, the holding facility on Blake Island.

Broussard is on to something and wants Will’s help

Broussard wants to follow a target he’s been surveilling at the Seattle Initiative. Will is wary, but they head downtown and track a courier as he leaves an office building with a briefcase and heads to a warehouse where he exchanges his case for a much larger case. They make plans to ambush the man, although Amy Leonard (Peyton List) is concerned that Will isn’t stable. Later, waiting for the courier at night in his car with Amy, Will can’t believe his eyes when he sees Kynes walk out – with Alan Snyder. Will barks at Amy that they’re aborting and she has to get out. She races to Broussard, but he’s not about to quit. He throws spike strips in front of the courier’s car and ambushes it when it stops, killing everyone inside and taking the case.

Back at the house, Broussard hacks the case open and finds a sheet of alien metal-like tech inside. It wraps around anything that it touches and can even stop bullets.

Will is on Snyder’s trail, which is not good news for Snyder

Meanwhile, Will follows Kynes and Snyder to the port and watches as they get on a boat. Later in his hotel room, Snyder uses a jamming device to make a secure call to someone about Kynes, saying it’s worse than they thought – Kynes is in direct communication with the Hosts and has access to their technology. Snyder is sure Kynes is hiding something, and he’s determined to find it. Turns out Snyder has an agenda. Because Snyder.

Late at night in the Bowman house, Katie comes downstairs and finds Will sitting by the fire. She tells him he was right about the colony, something bad is happening. But Will won’t stay to talk to her, even when she asks him to. Instead, he goes to Broussard’s and tells him about Snyder. He wants Broussard’s help getting to him. He’s sure Snyder will talk because he has no principles. “When you’re done, I’m gonna kill him,” Will announces.