What Goes Around
S3 episode 13 Aired on July 25, 2018

As Amy Leonard (Peyton List) tells Katie Bowman (Sarah Wayne Callies) at one point during this Season 3 finale, at some point things have to get better. This is not that point. Instead, the moment the IGA knew what was coming finally does -- a second alien attack by the hosts’ enemies, the Demis. Old rules are thrown out and surviving becomes a much more immediate challenge. Broussard (Tory Kittles) has to trust that Everett Kynes (Wayne Brady) really does hold the keys to surviving and rebuilding, if he lives. Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson), who has managed to last this long by playing all sides against each other, wonders if his luck has run out. With Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) seemingly unconcerned for his own safety, can the Bowman family survive a second alien attack?

What goes around                                                                                                                             

Helena Goldwyn (Ally Walker) breaks the solemn news to her Davos crew that the planet is under attack. She assures the group that the double shields above them should hold; the battle will take place in the skies above. They expect to lose a few colonies. Moments later an alarm sounds. A demi walks in. Helena watches in horror as people around her start to collapse -- cut down by the alien from yards away. She runs, but hits a dead end. The demi follows her and she’s trapped. Helena meets her fate and crumples to the floor.

Is now the time to start believing Snyder?

Will Bowman is picked up on the street by Grayhats and taken to Snyder, who’s in a weird place -- even for Snyder. He just heard that the IGA leadership in Davos is gone and he’s not sure if he should call the hosts as directed. But his self-preservation kicks in. He tells Will the Factory has been blown out of the sky and the planet is under attack. The hosts have demanded 150 outliers show up at Blake Island tonight or they won’t defend Seattle. Snyder can tell that Will is a broken man, but he makes one last pitch to Will’s humanity, saying it’s a chance to save his family and the colony.

Will finds the outliers, with no good options

Will is released by the Grayhats. After finding and removing the tracker in his boot, he rejoins the outliers. Amy Leonard has managed to save Kynes for the time being. Will relays Snyder’s message but has no idea what to believe. Broussard suggests they hit Bonzo again to get weapons and intel, betting that the IGA won’t expect them. O’Neill briefly questions his authority but goes along. Broussard is in charge.

Meanwhile, Bram picks the other side

Katie finds Bram (Alex Neustaedter) at Community Patrol headquarters, where all of his resentment and disappointment in his parents is on full display. He won’t tell his mother where Gracie (Isabella Crovetti) is, and threatens to turn Katie in if she doesn’t leave. He wants to protect her from his parents’ risky choices. Katie argues they tried to keep Bram out of it, but he cuts her off, shocking her with the news that Will asked him to help kill Snyder. Later, with Katie gone, the Community Patrol swear a new allegiance to the IGA and Snyder. Sal Barnes urges Bram to keep his mouth shut and follow orders.

Buenos Aires has bad news

Will and Broussard lead the second attack on the Bonzo armory, while Bram’s Community Patrol gets the call to respond. Sal Barnes makes up a cowardly excuse to stay behind and “coordinate.” They’re quickly taking fire and Bram watches as his friends are mowed down. Inside, Will reaches Buenos Aires on the radio and they confirm they’re under attack -- “the ones they warned us would come, los demonos.”

On a mission to save her family, Katie confronts Will

Katie gets directions to the second outlier hideout and finds Amy there, reeling from the news that the factory is gone, and most likely her boyfriend with it. Katie absorbs the news that Maddie is likely dead, too. When Will returns from Bonzo, Katie ambushes him with accusations for involving Bram. He throws it back in her face, saying she did the same thing with her resistance work in Los Angeles. They trade slings and arrows until Katie calls a halt and says they have no one left and need each other. She wants to focus on their family -- then the bigger fight -- starting with finding Gracie. He tells her to find the kids and get somewhere safe. “When I’ve got a plan; I’ll find you,” he promises.

Looking for 150 outliers to sacrifice for Seattle

With verification from Buenos Aires that Snyder was telling the truth about the second alien attack, Will addresses the outliers, looking for 150 volunteers so the hosts will protect Seattle. They’ll be fighting on the frontlines of an alien war, and the odds are bad. Will is the first to volunteer, saying they need to buy time for everyone else in the city. One by one, more outliers step forward.

Snyder doesn’t let an alien invasion keep him down

After asserting his authority to Kynes’ employees by making a show of executing Roy Morrow, Snyder is back in his groove. Later, as the hosts’ drones pour out of the city, Snyder gets word that 150 outliers turned themselves in. He’s hoping it’s enough to earn the host’s defense. He orders the gateway shut, even with people on the other side.

The cavalry arrives, but is it too late?

Kynes comes to and gives Amy the location of his Bellevue bunker. The outlier group makes it there and finds it’s everything Kynes promised, stocked and fortified. They’re heading inside when a group of 100 or so people walk up -- more outliers, ready to join the fight.

The Bowmans scatter across Seattle – and beyond

Katie arrives at the intake center to find Michelle planning to stay behind to help the refugees who are too ill to evacuate. With nothing to lose, MIchelle runs facial recognition on the photo of Bram’s girlfriend that Katie brought, and gives her the Barnes’ address. Katie promises to come back and help if she can. At the Barnes’ house, they’re sitting down to dinner when they hear a noise. They race outside to see a fireball streaking across the sky. From his office, Snyder sees the same thing. He watches as it comes crashing down, into an invisible dome surrounding Seattle. It hits and dissipates. A second fireball comes. Inside the dome, the outliers are protected. Next to the wall, Katie watches as another fireball streaks across the sky to a point just beyond the wall. Close. It hits with a furious impact. A shockwave rushes toward Katie, she stands to face it.

Meanwhile, Will is processed to fight, stripped and sealed inside a pod. Destination unknown.