S3 episode 12 Aired on July 18, 2018

Everett Kynes (Wayne Brady) becomes public enemy No. 1 as he activates his outlier army and tries to evade the wrath of Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) and the IGA. Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) is relieved to be pulled back into the fight, but seems to have lost all self-preservation and is isolating himself from Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) again. In the last episode before the season finale, battle lines are drawn in the upcoming fight but the Bowmans can’t seem to get on the same side.

Kynes is prepping his outlier army with an inside source

We open on drone footage of the outliers getting hunted by a demi (humanoid) alien in the woods, from last week. Kynes is watching it in his office with Roy Morrow, his technologist, and an IGA researcher. It’s only their second field test, but Kynes has seen enough to know they need a weapons system. Their 400,000 outliers won’t be enough, even though they can defeat the Demis’ machine-targeted perimeter defense. He wants to talk to “her” – which turns out to be the demi the Seattle Initiative is holding captive. Kynes is firmly Team Demi, thinking their side will win the war.

Kynes has prepared for this day, but it still comes fast

Ford picks up Kynes and they head for the command bunker in Bellevue bloc, but their caravan is ambushed and they come under heavy fire from Grayhats. Kynes’ men spring into action and get him out of his SUV. They stop a community patrol vehicle the next street over and the two young officers readily give up their car. Kynes tells Ford to head to “Bonzo.” It’s a well-appointed bunker with multiple layers of fingerprint security, video screens, and access to an emergency network. It’s okay for now, but Kynes says it’s critical they get to the command bunker. Time to signal the outliers.

Will responds to the outlier-only message

Bram (Alex Neustaedter) gets a call from community patrol in the middle of the night, calling him in. At Broussard’s, the Bowmans evaluate the risk of responding to Kynes call, but decide to answer. At the outlier boxing gym, the outliers simultaneously get a video message from Kynes, putting his fate in their hands and telling them they can help defeat the hosts and the IGA. Will wants to believe. They agree to join up for the operation kicking off at midnight. Broussard volunteers Amy as a medic. Katie wants to talk with Bram before they do anything. They head to the Bowman house, where Broussard tells Amy that Kynes is worth the risk. She agrees to help. As Will arms up, he tells Katie she has to stay behind, calling her a liability. She wants to atone for possibly sending people to their deaths at the intake tents. But Will prevents her from going. He says the kids are better off without him.

Snyder closes in on Kynes with his usual threats

At Community Patrol central, Snyder and the IGA Grayhats take over. Bram’s girlfriend’s father, Sal Barnes, is taken to Snyder, who says Kynes has committed treason. They’re looking for the community patrol members who turned over their car to Kynes. Sal gives Snyder names. The two young officers are hauled in front of Snyder. After one whack, they give him the name “Bonzo.” Garland identifies the site as a former federal reserve armory. Snyder orders him to bring Kynes in alive or kill him there.

Operation Bonzo: The outliers and IGA converge on Kynes

The outliers head to Bonzo, where Ford and Kynes talk them into the fortified building via headset. They’re watching on video screens as Grayhats arrive and surround them. Broussard leads a team to get Kynes while Will tries to hold off the IGA. After collecting Kynes, Ford takes the lead out of the building – but he walks right into an ambush and is shot dead. Broussard takes over. They meet up with Will’s team. Will is covered in blood and has a wild look in his eye. Broussard re-arms him but orders Will’s team to follow him to cover Kynes. Will heads back into the fight alone. Kynes leads them to the parking garage and to his escape ambulance, but suddenly he’s hit. Badly. They load him in ambulance and drive off.

The Bowmans are scattered again

At the Bowman house, Katie wakes up alone. Bram snuck in and packed up Gracie (Isabella Crovetti) while she was sleeping. They didn’t even say good-bye. With no phone service, Katie has no idea what’s going on in. She notices the kids are gone and heads out. Sal Barnes, after his day on the hot seat, comes home to see Bram and Gracie on his couch. At Bonzo, Snyder surveys the dozens of casualties on both sides. Garland is still standing. He says he hit Kynes himself. “Unless he’s got a fairy godmother and a level one trauma unit we don’t know about, he’s toast,” Garland says. They take some solace in the fact that they think they’ve got Kynes armory. At another Kynes’ hideout, he’s bleeding badly and Amy says he needs surgery. She gets to work. Out on the streets of Seattle, as curfew sirens blare, Will Bowman walks down the street alone, dripping blood and looking half-dead. But still standing.