Disposable Heroes
S3 episode 11 Aired on July 11, 2018

The meeting with the Outliers feels like a point of no return for the Bowmans. Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) is worried about uprooting their lives, but Will (Josh Holloway) argues they’re not safe and it’s time to fight -- again. When Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) makes a move against Everett Kynes (Wayne Brady) in a big way, the repercussions are far-reaching for the entire Seattle Colony, and especially Outliers like Will and Broussard (Tory Kittles).

The most dangerous game

In a forest somewhere, naked Outliers are being dropped in pods with tactical gear and no information. We see a man and a woman meet up and find a third Outlier dead. They realize they’re being hunted, but their predator is invisible. They’re both quickly cut down and we see what was hunting them -- it looks an awful lot like the second kind of alien Will found dead in the crashed ship.

The Outliers evaluate each other while Snyder makes his first move

The Bowmans and Broussard meet up with O’Neill and Harris (unaware Harris works for Kynes), so the two sides can size each other up. They tell the Outliers about their interrogation of a high-level IGA official (Snyder). Harris takes the news to Kynes, who loves that Snyder was abducted and is hiding it from the IGA. Kynes sends Harris to extort Snyder with the information, but Snyder brings his muscle Garland with him. Garland strangles Harris without saying a word.

Snyder’s second move is much noisier, and more vicious

Bram (Alex Neustaedter) is on patrol downtown when a truck bomb goes off. Harris’ charred corpse is found behind the wheel of a vehicle that exploded. Later, Snyder wastes no time exploiting the situation, telling Kynes that he’s alerting the IGA. When Kynes returns to his office he’s surprised to find Helena Goldwyn (Ally Walker) waiting for him. He tells her about Snyder’s abduction, but Goldwyn is more concerned about the fact they lost three Outliers in the blast. Or at least, she appears to be, until she meets with Snyder later and we learn that she signed off on Snyder’s false flag operation to force Kynes’ hand. She asks him about his abduction but Snyder is coy, saying: “I play all sides, Helena. That’s my gift.”

The bomb sets off suspicion

Katie and Amy Leonard (Peyton List) meet for the first time outside Amy’s house and Katie can tell Amy has concerns about Will. They’re interrupted when O’Neill and a group of angry Outliers arrive. They think the resistance group they just met might be behind Harris’ death. Broussard and both Bowmans try to keep them calm, quickly pinpointing Alan Snyder as the likely culprit of the bombing. They play their taped interrogation of Snyder. O’Neill leaves to make a call, leaving the two sides in tense silence.

Turns out, Kynes was ready for this day

Adam Ford reports the results of Harris’ autopsy to Kynes; neither is surprised to learn Harris was dead before the blast, confirming it was staged with him as patsy. Kynes verifies Helena was en route from Davos when the blast happened, which means she knew it was coming. Kynes calculates that Helena is too political to do something so aggressive without the backing of the IGA, which means his time is up. He sends an encrypted SMS, alerting people that Project Phoenix has just gone live. Next, he goes to his server room and orders it shut down. He runs into Helena and Snyder on the way out and unloads: “Why do you think they put the morally bankrupt administrator of a community college in charge of a block, and a failed studio exec in charge of a colony?....They saw weakness. They knew you were the kind of crabs that would always drag the others back down into the bucket.”

The Bowman kids fend for themselves

Gracie (Isabella Crovetti) comes home to an empty house. Bram finds her there. He’s angry at his parents for neglecting her. She thinks they don’t like being around her anymore because she makes them think about Charlie. Bram suggests they go to his girlfriend’s house for dinner.

The outliers respond to Project Phoenix

O’Neill returns to Amy’s house. Harris warned him downed phones would be a signal and he was to meet at a rally point. At the predetermined location, they have no way of knowing if it’s a trap. Will, Broussard, and O’Neill find Ford and a couple dozen Outliers inside. Ford explains how Kynes hid them from the IGA, and that over the past 18 months, Kynes has been quietly converting Seattle into a kind of ark to rebuild after the alien war with the best and brightest of humanity. “This is the beginning of the real resistance -- the human resistance,” he says.

Resistance vs. Snyder, Round Two begins

Later, Broussard tells Amy that he’s going to join up with the Outliers, even though he’s not positive he can trust them. Ford’s explanation fits with Will and Broussard both being spared in Seattle. Amy wants in. Meanwhile, at the Seattle Initiative, Snyder and Helena discover the system is down and Kynes is MIA. Snyder assumes the worst. Helena tells him it’s his problem now – the IGA picked him to lead the colony.