Sea Spray
S3 episode 10 Aired on July 4, 2018

After Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) spared his life, Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) wastes no time getting back to his conniving, scheming ways. Snyder wants to know what Everett Kynes (Wayne Brady) is hiding in his colony, and Will wants to know if there are others like him. As the resistance band slowly gets back together, it all comes down to outliers – the highly trained fighters like Will and Broussard. But who will they end up fighting for?

Will and Katie finally talk

Will starts his day trying to pretend everything is normal, but Bram (Alex Neustaedter) isn’t buying it. Will now thinks grabbing Snyder was a mistake. He tells Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) that Broussard is in town, and what they did (but not that Bram helped). He tells her about the outliers and that he’s one of them, and that’s why they were let into the colony – they know who he is. Later at work, Katie threatens her boss Michelle to make her look up Will’s file. Michelle says outliers are getting fast-tracked into the colony and there are hundreds. Katie extorts her to get the list. Katie pays Broussard a visit – they both see the value in a few hundred trained fighters.

Everett Kynes has his own secret police

Snyder gets a visit from his old handler Garland, whom he tells about his encounter with Will and Broussard. Snyder is particularly interested in the alien tech Kynes had and didn’t disclose, and he has no plans to tell Kynes the resistance is in town. They meet with a man Garland knows on the community patrol. He tells them about Kynes’ unmarked security force and the recent double homicide in an alley. The force is now searching for something.

Will tries to smooth things out with Amy

Broussard talks to a fisherman about renting his boat to go out near the launch pad. He warns Broussard about the drones in the water. Later, Broussard tries to convince Amy Leonard (Peyton List) to work with Will, arguing they need his skill set. But Amy doesn’t budge, she thinks Will is unstable and reckless, and she throws Broussard out. Broussard meets with Will and cautions him that he’s been making a lot of mistakes lately. Later, Will pays Amy at visit at work to apologize. He tells her about Charlie and urges her not to walk away from something good because of him.

Snyder gets closer to uncovering Kynes’ outlier endgame

Garland looks into Will and easily connects him to his alias – and his address. Snyder realizes that Kynes let Will through on purpose, which violates his agreement with the hosts to turn over outliers. Snyder doesn’t yet know that the head of his Kynes-assigned security detail, Harris, is working a crew of outliers. The outliers think Harris is spying on Kynes for them, but Harris is actually reporting back to Kynes, who has something big planned for them. Snyder confronts Kynes about the alien tech theft and is told Harris is looking into it. Snyder has a terse lunch with Harris and Ford on his security detail, after which Garland swoops in to grab a glass for fingerprints. They discover that Harris is really Victor Reznick, and he served six tours with US Army Delta Force. They try to figure out Kynes’ motives for allowing the seeds of insurgency to grow by stockpiling fighters. Snyder decides to test Kynes.

The resistance starts recruiting outliers

Meanwhile, Katie, Will, and Broussard prove Snyder’s outlier insurgency fears are well-founded as they approach a man on the list named O’Neill, who happens to be part of the outlier crew Harris is running. O’Neill immediately gets antsy and starts fighting, but Broussard fends him off enough to calm him down and start talking. He was in the Navy. The give him a whole lot of truth about outliers and aliens and hand over part of their list to prove themselves. They want to meet his crew. Later, as Will and Katie scout the docks, a passing stranger slips Will a note with a time to meet.