Tamam Shud
S2 episode 9 Aired on March 9, 2017

[Warning: Contains spoilers for Colony episode 209, "Tamam Shud"]

Just as the Bowman family has finally been reunited, suspicion of Will (Josh Holloway) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) is at an all-time high. Bob Burke (Toby Huss) goes from soulless nuisance to outright threat as he begins to connect the Resistance dots to the Bowmans, putting their whole family in the most danger they’ve faced yet. A visitor from outside the Wall makes a dramatic entrance and may be the key to taking the fight to the Hosts –- if the L.A Resistance can find her, and if they can adapt after losing yet another member, this time to an unknown foe.

Why would anyone fly into the L.A. Bloc?

A mysterious pilot finds an analog biplane for her mission to fly into the L.A. Bloc. The aliens can’t track the technology because it’s not digital, giving the pilot time to get over the Wall and bail. Her copilot isn’t so lucky, and ends up dead in a tree, but she lands safely in a backyard pool. The race for her to connect with the Resistance inside the Bloc begins, as Homeland Security hunts her.  

Bob Burke is a dog with a Bowman

Will begins his day with pointed questioning from Burke about Katie and Maddie (Amanda Righetti), as Burke tries to connect Katie to the file stolen from Nolan Burgess’ computer. He checks the Bowman house surveillance and sees Maddie confront Katie, then takes his suspicions to Dan Bennett (Christian Clemenson). Bennett gives him the go-ahead to dig deeper in the hopes of using Will to catch Broussard (Tory Kittles), although he’s wary of doing anything to anger Burgess. Burke also discovers that Jennifer McMahon deleted files from the Bowman surveillance. Burke next tries showing Will’s photo to Emmett, the Redhand member who Will let escape. Emmett still doesn’t rat out Will, but he describes the woman who tried to get him out of the safe house: Katie. Burke connects her to the mysterious woman on the subway platform who helped Broussard kill the Host.

Hennessy sees his last picture show

Katie and Broussard go to meet Hennessy at the movie theater, but find his throat has been slit. They go to Hennessey’s hideout and find it has been ransacked. The gauntlet is gone. Broussard turns on a short wave radio and answers a transmission from “Den Mother.” When he doesn’t have the daily code, whoever is on the other end ceases communication.

The net closes around Will

After learning about the short wave radio the pilot had with her, Will goes to an electronics shop and borrows one. He broadcasts to the pilot knowing his message is not encrypted and tells her that her partner has been killed and he can help. He leaves to go meet with Katie and Broussard, but on his way he notices he’s being followed. He ducks into a coffee shop across from the rendezvous point. Katie calls there for “Alex Graham” and talks to Will. They have just a few seconds before Will sees the Redhats coming for him. He tells Katie to get the kids and go underground. Katie is terrified for Will and for her children and turns to Broussard for help protecting her kids. He doesn’t hesitate.

Will agrees to cooperate to save his family

Back at Homeland Security, Burke is practically giddy to have Will in custody. Burke mentions he used to be in Internal Affairs, which is no surprise to Will. Will isn’t talking until Bennett tells him they have his kids. He offers to trade them for Broussard. Will says he can’t because Broussard doesn’t trust him, but he says he can get the pilot. He broadcasts hoping she’ll hear it, and she responds when he mentions Hennessy. She agrees to meet.

Fearing the worst, Katie rescues her children

Redhats invade the new Bowman home and essentially hold the children hostage waiting for Katie. Gracie (Isabella Crovetti) is scared and starts crying. She tells Bram (Alex Neustaedter) she thinks Lindsey is dead (which she is). Bram explains that Lindsey wasn’t her friend and was trying to brainwash her. As the three kids are wondering what’s going to happen to them, they hear gunshots outside. They are too stunned to be relieved when their mother busts through the door, taking out Redhats with Broussard as she goes. Katie leads her kids into the sewers and tries to explain why they just saw her kill several people. Bram demands to know what’s going on with his father, but Katie isn’t talking.

Bob Burke makes an audible in the field, and Will sees an opening

Before Will goes to meet with the pilot in a park, he learns that shots have been fired at his apartment. With Will out of earshot, Bennett (Christian Clemenson) gets information that Katie and Broussard have taken the kids. Burke wants to abort the mission, but Bennett overrules him. Burke doesn’t listen, and walks up to Will at a soda vendor to shut things down. Will realizes circumstances have changed and they lost their leverage over him. Before Burke can grab him, Will breaks open a soda bottle and stabs Burke in the stomach with the shards and runs. He’s cornered in public works tunnel when someone comes to his rescue: the pilot. She believes him when he says the Occupation forced him to call her, because she just saw him stab Burke.

Calling Alan Snyder

Governor General Helena Goodwin (Ally Walker) is coolly furious when she learns that the Bowmans have escaped and the pilot hasn’t been found. But Proxy Alcala (Tony Plana) thinks things are going swimmingly, based on the growth of the Greatest Day and the surveillance state. Goodwin isn’t impressed, saying she misplaced her faith in him and is going to make a few personnel changes. Alcala flatly rejects her changes. Goodwin lets him go, letting him think he’s won. But as soon as he leaves, Goodwin places a call to Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson).

Noa from beyond the Wall

Everyone is unnerved when there’s a knock on the Resistance’s underground hideout. It’s Will. After yet another happy reunion with his family, he relays a message to Broussard from the pilot that she wants to meet.

Broussard and Will venture out to meet with Noa, who says she represents a resistance group working outside the bloc. To prove Broussard can trust her, she recites details of a mission he was on in 2010 that went awry. She’s working with the only other person on Broussard’s team at the time to have survived. “I’m here because the real war is about to begin, and that thing you stole is going to help us win,” she says.