Good Intentions
S2 episode 8 Aired on March 2, 2017

Double-crosses and ambushes pack an episode that also introduces the leader of the Red Hand and puts Will (Josh Holloway) in his most tenuous position yet at work. The Transition Authority is scrambling to avoid blame after the bombing of the host ship and Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) shows ruthlessness – and compassion – unlike we’ve seen before. The resistance partnerships continue to crumble and Lindsey (Erin Way) drops the nice act for one frightening second. Shocking deaths and near misses abound in an episode you won’t soon forget.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Following the ship bombing, Governor General Helena Goodwin (Ally Walker) has an emergency meeting with the proxies to determine how to spin it. The good news for them is that the ship was automated and none of the hosts were harmed. Proxy Alcana (Tony Plana) suggests they make it sound like something connected to the Greatest Day. Goodwin is dismissive of the idea, and seemingly of the cult in general. Nevertheless, the next time she turns on the TV, there’s Alcala with his spin, calling it a remarkable test of a technology capable of inter-dimensional travel in preparation for the Greatest Day. Goodwin doesn’t have time annoyed, she gets word on the host’s planned response to the bombing, and it stops her in her tracks.

Will’s act of mercy comes back to haunt him

At work, Dan Bennett (Christian Clemenson) gives Will Bowman and Bob Burke (Toby Huss) a new assignment: tracking down Emmet Hallstadt, the man Will let escape from the Red Hand hideout. Back at the house, Will is startled to run into a woman who identifies herself as Karen Brun, Frankie’s mom. She begs for any information on her daughter and Will breaks the bad news that she’s dead. Karen clearly has no love for the Transitional Authority, but Will chalks her aggressive talk up to grief and gives her a pass.

Simon is ready to walk away from the resistance

Simon Eckhart (Charlie Bewley) has spent enough time underground waiting around for Broussard (Tory Kittles). We learn that Simon and Morgan (Bethany Joy Lenz) used to date as Simon tells her about the missing poster for his mother. He called the number, the Transitional Authority has her. When Broussard announces his plans to take the gauntlet to Hennessy over Morgan’s objections, Simon suggests to Morgan that they turn it over to the TA instead and get out of the resistance, which he thinks is going nowhere. Morgan agrees.

Lindsey threatens Charlie with ‘focused restoration’

Lindsey takes Charlie (Jacob Buster) and Grace (Isabella Crovetti) to a Greatest Day sermon. When he bounces a ball during the sermon and calls the Greatest Day stupid, Lindsey threatens him with “focused restoration,” saying he’d never see his family again.

Snyder gets tough with Bram, hoping to save the camp

Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) is reeling from the death of his friend Maya and Snyder is on the warpath. He knows Bram stole his access card, and seems to be genuinely hurt by the betrayal. He tells Bram that he signed his own death warrant and that of every other person in the camp…unless it didn’t happen. With no evidence, no one can prove the bomb came out of their camp. Bram doesn’t want to give up his friends, so Snyder presents the options: “Either some of us die, or all of us die; you get the honor of deciding which of those it’s going to be.” When Bram still won’t cooperate, Snyder executes the suspected collaborators, showing a new level of villainy.

Emmett Hallstadt causes big problems for both Bowmans

Broussard and Katie take the gauntlet and the extinction plans to Hennessey. He tells them Emmett Hallstadt came to him wanting help hiding from the Red Hand. Emmett is terrified of them and thinks they’ll kill him to tie up loose ends. Knowing the TA is looking for him, Katie hopes to get to him first. She makes it inside the safe house, but moments later, Burke pulls up with a strike team – they tracked Emmett on surveillance. Katie can’t get out before the Red Hats bust in. She hides in a closet and holds her breath.  She escapes detection, but they grab Emmett. Back at headquarters, Will watches Emmett in interrogation. Emmett says he hid in the crawl space at the house, sparing Will. Frankie recruited him and manipulated him with sex. Emmett says he was a spotter. Then he says he met the leader of the group: a woman named Karen Brun, Frankie’s mother. The woman Will just let walk away.

Broussard walks into a trap

Broussard returns from meeting with Hennessy and walks directly into Simon’s trap. Simon aims a gun at him and fires – but nothing happens. Morgan removed the bullets. She hits Simon from behind, stunning him long enough for Broussard to pull out a knife and stab Simon, seemingly killing him. Broussard thanks Morgan for saving his life.

Friends in surprising places

Helena Goodwin’s SUV races up to the labor camp and before he can spin his story of innocence, she tells him it’s already been decided. She hustles Snyder into her car as the camp residents look on. At the last minute, Snyder goes back and manages to bring Bram along with him. In the car, Bram is terrified of where they might be taking him until they see the entire camp blown to bits as they drive away. Bram realizes Snyder saved his life.

Charlie’s street smarts give him a crucial head start

Lindsey is leading a lesson for Grace in the Bowman home when Charlie hears noises outside. His springs into action as he hears guns being cocked and races to hide with his sister. Lindsey is not so lucky, and is standing by the door when masked intruders bust in and gun her down. Will and Katie return moments later and see Lindsey lying, seemingly dead, in the doorway. Will grabs his gun and leads Katie through the house, searching for his younger children and gunning down attackers as he finds them. With every step, the Bowman’s don’t know if the next body they’ll see will belong to one of their children, or if they’ll be next. Will remains calm, systematically clearing rooms until they reach an upstairs bedroom and hear a noise. Charlie and Grace are sitting on the roof outside the window, safe.

The Bowman family is reunited

Following the attack, the Bowman family is moved to a new home and their house of a thousand cameras is turned into a crime scene. Snyder brings Bram to his family in their decidedly smaller quarters. Bram is feeling a mixture of disgust at Snyder’s murder of his friends and enormous gratitude that Snyder went out of his way to save him. He doesn’t understand how Snyder can work for the hosts. Snyder points out that he’s just doing the same as Will and everyone who is holding out hope that someday things will be different.

Bram knocks on the door, turning Will and Katie’s terrible day of fear for their children into one of tremendous relief. After hugging his parents, Bram rushes to reunite with Charlie, who he hasn’t seen in a year. The Bowman family is all together, for the first time since the Arrival.