Free Radicals
S2 episode 7 Aired on February 23, 2017

As Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) is under increasing pressure at work, he is disturbed by the methods of the Transitional Authority and his partner, Bob Burke (Toby Huss). We get a peek inside the operations of the new Resistance group, the Red Hand, and their merciless guerilla warfare tactics. Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) tries to keep up appearances by inviting Lindsey (Erin Way) back into her home, while also reaching out to Broussard (Tory Kittles) for help.  Meanwhile in the labor camp, Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) gets in deeper with Maya’s (Jessica Parker Kennedy) Red Hand group and their actions have an effect the whole bloc can see.

Frankie the Red Hand recruiter joins the Homeland most wanted list

We begin with watching a young woman named Frankie Brun (Lyndon Smith) manipulate a sickly man into bombing the Green Zone. The duo begins their mission with a sake toast “to liberty.” When the man gets cold feet at the last minute, Frankie remotely detonates the explosive, killing innocent civilians. At work, Dan Bennett’s (Christian Clemenson) patience with Will is running out, while Will feels hamstrung by Burke’s short leash. Bennett orders them to follow up on Frankie, to whom they have connected the most recent Green Zone bombing and also the one at their headquarters.

Good cop versus really bad, awful, murderous, no-morals cop

Burke is on Will’s case about what he was up to yesterday (depicted in season two, episode six, when Will spent the day with dying BB). The reluctant partners visit Frankie’s aunt and uncle. Will can tell the family is lying, but doesn’t think they know anything. Then Burke steps in and reveals he’s holding their grandchildren. Burke’s strong-arm tactics work, and he and Will lead a strike team into a Red Hand hideout. After a shootout, they find Frankie and three others. Burke lines them up for an interrogation, but instead he executes them one by one. Will walks away, powerless and disgusted. When he runs into a Resistance straggler inside, Will can’t stand to add to the body count and lets the man run off. Could this decision come back to haunt him? Back at headquarters, Burke tortures Frankie for information until Will can’t take anymore and goes in. She says she doesn’t know who runs her cell, and she’s supposed to be recruiting boys. Frankie starts to have a heart attack and Will frees her from her restraints. While Burke is yelling at him, she is able to get to a suicide pill she had hidden. She kills herself before Will can stop her. Later, Bennett reprimands Will and Burke over the botched interrogation from Bennett. The senior officer tells them to bring him something or they’re both out.

Maddie confronts Katie about the stolen file

Nolan Burgess (Adrian Pasdar) comes under scrutiny from the hosts when a data audit shows a sensitive file was downloaded from his computer the night of the dinner party. He tells Maddie (Amanda Righetti) it’s a “significant security breach.” She plays dumb, but realizes Katie must have done it. Maddie visits her sister to ask about the file, but Katie knows their conversation inside her house is being watched and lies directly to her sister’s face. Maddie tries again to get Katie to buy in to the new world order and tells her to work things out with Lindsey.

Katie tries to keep up appearances

Knowing he’s stymied at work, Will agrees to let Katie give the file to Broussard to try and crack. She visits a Greatest Day Center to patch things up with Lindsey, who is now calling Charlie’s acting out “subversive.” Katie is thoroughly creeped out to see Maddie and Nolan in a promotional video for the cult. She somehow manages to keep from throwing up in her mouth as Lindsey launches into her sanctimonious Greatest Day diatribe and succeeds in inviting Lindsey back.

Maya manipulates Bram into helping with a critical part of her plan

Maya sneaks off with Bram for a quickie, and before she’s even dressed, she asks Bram to steal Snyder’s access card. If Bram is being used, he either can’t tell, or doesn’t mind. He does what Maya asks, knowing Snyder will eventually realize he’s the one who took it. Snyder promises to try to send Bram home, so Bram tells him about a planned escape. When Bram brings the keycard to Maya, she pours him a drink in the same kind of cup that Frankie Brun used, then toasts to liberty. Has Bram unwittingly joined the Red Hand?

Hennessy decodes the sound recording and finds a countdown

Broussard checks in with Hennessy, the sound guy, who gives him a NASA history lesson. He knows about the Apollo 10 mission, May 18, 1969, the fourth manned mission to the moon. The sounds recorded on that mission match the new recording Broussard brought him. The old Apollo recording was counting down to the Arrival, which begs the question: What are the current sounds counting down to?

Maya demonstrates the level of her commitment for the whole bloc to see

When Maya’s friends fake an escape, she and Bram take advantage of the chaos to sneak into the warehouse, where the pods are out of their crates and shrouded in red drapes. Maya opens a pod to “make room” and coldly ignores the mostly-naked woman who flops out and seems to choke to death, hacking up some sort of green goo. Bram is still trying to process what just happened when they hear a noise. Maya arms Bram with a screwdriver and tells him to deal with the threat. Bram comes face to face with Jenkins (Mac Brandt), who relishes the opportunity to punish Bram. Bram is severely outclassed, but Morales comes to his rescue in the nick of time, killing Jenkins with a blow to the head. Maya never returns. A while later, the cargo space ship takes off and after it clears the camp, the entire bloc can see it explode in a giant fireball. Morales confirms that Maya rode the ship to detonate the bomb.

The Bowmans double down with Broussard and the Resistance

Broussard’s cell cracks the file and finds the world’s scariest graph. It shows a slow and steady decline of the L.A. bloc population, down to zero. Broussard meets with Katie and tells her the good news that Bram has been marked for rehabilitation and should be back inside of six months. Then Broussard asks Katie to be his partner. She wants to walk away, but he tells her about the rest of info on the file. “This isn’t a colony, it’s a death camp,” he says.

At the end of a terrible day, Will doesn’t think he can keep working for the Authority. But Katie tells him about the countdown to extinction.  She knows she made a promise not to get involved with the Resistance again, but with the knowledge that they’re dead no matter what they do, Will gives his blessing for her to rejoin. They have to get out of the L.A. bloc as a family. They have two years, three months and nine days.