S2 episode 6 Aired on February 16, 2017

We open in Northern England, where it looks like Jennifer McMahon’s lie that Resistance member Simon Eckhart was her source might have far-reaching implications.  Back underground, Simon is climbing the walls after weeks of being cooped up, and with Broussard (Tory Kittles) MIA working angles above ground, the young Resistance group is struggling. When one of them becomes deathly ill, they turn to Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Will (Josh Holloway) for help.

The Resistance is cracking, putting its members –- and by extension Katie -– at risk

Half a world away, Simon Eckhart’s mother is rounded up at a refugee camp. Is she going to pay for the sins of her son? Back in the L.A. bloc, Simon is questioning Broussard as he goes stir crazy. The tension is further ratcheted up when Brandon “BB” Belaguer develops tremors and starts coughing up blood. With no Broussard to keep them in check, Morgan turns to the only person she can think of –- Katie.

Will tests limits at work to get information on Bram, and is busted

Katie shows Will the file she stole from Maddie (Amanda Righetti), but when they can’t open it, Will takes it to work, figuring it’s worth the risk to learn more about Bram (Alexander Neustaedter). But Will’s risk doesn’t pay off; he doesn’t have the clearance to open the file. He goes to Betsy for help. She’s scared of getting caught but helps him. Unfortunately, they’re busted by Detective Burke (Toby Huss), who tells Will he’s not authorized to use the computer. “You’re a bloodhound. There’s no point in teaching a dog to use the computer,” Burke says derisively. Later, Will is shocked and guilt-ridden when Burke tells him he had Betsy transferred because Will showed she couldn’t be trusted.

Katie is dragged back into the Resistance

Katie is at the Yonk when Morgan comes by, freaking out because BB is sick and covered in sores. She wants to take him to a hospital, but Katie points out it’s too dangerous. Instead, Morgan brings Katie underground, where she sees how serious BB’s condition is. Katie calls Will, knowing that if any member of the Resistance is caught at a hospital, they could be traced back to her. Will uses his credentials to kidnap an old doctor acquaintance from the Green Zone. Morgan secures the comm device –- the gauntlet –- in a lead-lined box.

So long, BB, we hardly knew ye

The doctor can’t identify what’s wrong with BB, so Will, Katie and the doctor break into his old medical office so the doctor can run some tests. The doctor finds that BB was exposed to radiation. There’s nothing he can do. Is it a coincidence that BB was the one working most closely with the alien tech? Katie and Will bring BB to what’s left of his charred-out house. Katie is deeply troubled by the fact they can’t get him to help without risking their own safety. BB knows he’s about to die painfully and feels like it’s for nothing. He asks Will for a “soldier’s death” and Will reluctantly shoots him, knowing it’s the only help he can really offer.

Nolan Burgess snoops around and Snyder sees an opportunity

When the power couple of Maddie Kenner and Deputy Proxy Nolan Burgess (Adrian Pasdar) visit the labor camp, they have different agendas. While Maddie talks to Bram, Nolan claims he wants to do a routine inspection. But he has more in mind. Lording his position over Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson), and claiming he’s the reason Snyder was spared, Nolan asks to see the special shipment that’s headed “off planet.” Snyder reminds Nolan doing so would be a violation of the rules, but Nolan calls in his favor. So Snyder takes Nolan to the warehouse to see the rows upon rows of giant crates, and Nolan insists on seeing Global’s shipment. He grabs a crowbar and opens the crate, revealing a gleaming white pod, which looks like it could hold a person –- or a RAP. Nolan is dazzled and calls it proof of his faith. Later, Snyder calls the Governor General Helena Goodwin (Ally Walker) to dutifully report on Nolan’s snooping. He makes a point of saying he only showed Nolan the “empty ones.” He’s clearly trying to curry favor with Helena by selling out Nolan, but it’s unclear if it works.

Bram develops his spying skills and gets an unhelpful visit from his aunt

Knowing there’s an important shipment somewhere in the camp, Bram pays close attention as Snyder comes out of a warehouse in a restricted area. He is visited by his aunt Maddie, who seems to have come by to make herself feel better and not actually offer any real help to Bram. She brings him a bag of food, having failed to think about the fact he has nowhere to keep it safe. Bram wants to know why his parents haven’t come for him, but all Maddie offers are empty promises that he won’t be there much longer. Later, Maddie begs Nolan to intervene but doesn’t push when he coldly says it’d be foolish to risk their family for someone else’s. Bram seems to solidify his alliance when he tells Maya and Morales about the warehouse on the other side of the loading dock. After presumably proving his trustworthiness, Maya brings Bram to meet with her group. They reveal the bomb they’re working on.

The Resistance is coming apart, threatening everyone

Will and Katie return to the Yonk after BB’s death and find Broussard waiting in the shadows. Will coldly gives Broussard the bullet casing from the round he used to kill BB. Katie delivers a stern warning: “You need to get your house in order before it comes down on all of us.”

Meanwhile, Simon has had enough of life underground and ventures up. He’s confused, scared and angry when he sees missing posters bearing his mother’s face plastering every building.