Company Man
S2 episode 5 Aired on February 9, 2017

Aware that their every move is being watched, the Bowmans try to go about life in their house. But with Charlie (Jacob Buster) back, Lindsey (Erin Way) and her Greatest Day propaganda are getting harder to deal with. In an effort to manage Jennifer McMahon’s (Kathleen Rose Perkins) hold over Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), Will (Josh Holloway) reports back to work, not knowing if he’ll be welcomed or shipped directly to the Factory. Meanwhile, it’s time for the long-awaited return of Broussard (Tory Kittles) –- yay! –-  who comes back with a few surprises.

Will returns to work, under suspicion

Will returns to Homeland Security, knowing that they’ll come for him if he doesn’t. He wants to determine Bram’s (Alexander Neustaedter) situation, and what McMahon has on Katie. After being escorted to an interrogation room, Dan Bennett (Christian Clemenson), the new chief of the special police division, gives Will the once over, asking him about his old team. He wants to know if Beau had sympathies toward the Resistance. Will is careful, and says he knew the moment Phyllis died that they had a leak, but it wasn’t his job to find it. He says he can help find Broussard if they put him back on the street. After some tense waiting, Bennett lets Will back in and gives him a new partner –- Detective Bob Burke (Toby Huss), the humorless suit who was investigating McMahon.

Broussard returns, and the Resistance gets a peek inside the Wall

Using the communications device they stole from the RAP, Broussard’s new Resistance unit has a new trick: They temporarily disable a drone. Brandon “BB” Belaguer (the tech whiz), Morgan, and Simon Eckhard manage to put a camera on one and watch later as it flies back to its nest in the wall, joining thousands of other drones. The audio picks up an odd musical hum, like the noise from the 1969 space mission. Broussard risks leaving their underground hideout for two purposes: to visit a man named Hennessy who can get the audio to a sound engineer, and to visit his lady friend.

Bram is busted: ‘What’s it like being a mole?’

Tensions rise in the labor camp when Alan Snyder’s (Peter Jacobson) day begins with an explosion - it looks like someone accidentally blew themselves up trying to make a bomb. Jenkins (Mac Brandt), the sadistic head guard, makes the prisoners stand for hours on end to get them to talk, to no avail. Jenkins is about to beat Bram when Snyder intervenes and Maya (Jessica Parker Kennedy) takes note. When Maya confronts Bram, he doesn’t deny he’s working with Snyder, and offers to feed him bad information to let her continue whatever she’s up to. She tells him to relay that the bombing was the work of a three-person gang, Pinto and Lyons were helping Morales steal supplies for his bomb, and that they were going to blow a hole in the fence and escape. She says Pinto and Lyons are willing to be sent to the Factory for their cause.

McMahon is MIA and no one is talking

Will is dumbfounded when Burke claims he hasn’t heard of Jennifer McMahon and a coworker named Betsy can’t give a straight answer either. Will goes searching for answers in the Surveillance Annex, but isn’t allowed entry. Later, Burke brings Will the file on the attack on the Recruitment Center. Will astutely observes how the attack went down, but doesn’t think it seems like Broussard –- he favors military targets. Burke points out it doesn’t matter if it was, once the attack is attributed to Broussard and he’s blamed for the police state, Burke expects people will turn on him and hand him over.

Bram ends up with blood on his hands while trying to help Maya

Acting on the false tip from Bram, Snyder comes for Pinto and Lyons and orders them brought to interrogation. But Jenkins has plans of his own, and shoots them in the head in front of everyone. Bram is horrified he essentially got the men executed. Later, Snyder is upset but resigned. He explains to Bram, over a drink, that he’s “technically” in charge of Jenkins, but compares it to trying to train a bear. He tells Bram to keep doing good work and promises they’ll both make it out alive. Snyder is called away by the news that a special shipment requiring extra security is arriving. Bram seems to make a choice about what side he’s really on when he tells Maya about it.

Charlie doesn’t understand the rules in the L.A. bloc

Charlie’s return is having an effect on Grace, who doesn’t do her homework and starts to question Lindsey’s teachings, much to Lindsey’s chagrin. Katie is alarmed when she returns home and Lindsey casually reports that Charlie went out on his own. Katie finds him on the street with a bag of stolen supplies, including toilet paper and potato chips. She dumps it all in the trash, trying to stress to Charlie the importance of not drawing attention. But Katie forgets her own warning later when she finds that Lindsey sent Charlie to his room, and then tells Katie her son is a “poison.” Katie throws Lindsey out of the house, and only when Charlie strolls in munching his stolen (and previously discarded) potato chips does Katie remember that they’re being watched.

Will searches for answers about McMahon while terrorists strike again

Will is just starting to get into Broussard’s file when a blast rocks the office of Homeland Security. Dozens of people are hurt or killed, and there’s another bloody handprint left on a wall. Will takes advantage of the chaos in the aftermath to sneak into the Surveillance Annex, and he’s stunned by the scope of the damage. Later, he drives to Jennifer McMahon’s house. The door is unlocked and everything has been cleaned up. When he comes out, he finds Burke waiting for him. Burke says McMahon didn’t have the constitution to survive in the new system. Later, Will tells Katie that he thinks something terrible has happened to McMahon, but she took whatever she had on them with her. Will is chilled when a messenger delivers suits for him to wear to work, complete with Transitional Authority lapel pin.

Katie tries to fix things with Lindsey, but ends up snooping instead

In an effort to repair the damage done by throwing Lindsey out, Katie goes up to Maddie’s house, interrupting her dinner party. Maddie tells Katie that she has to apologize to Lindsey and Katie realizes Maddie is serious and has bought into the Greatest Day. Katie starts to question Maddie’s honesty and judgment, so Maddie shows her the roster that says Bram is in a labor camp. When Maddie leaves her alone for a minute, Katie can’t help but look at the still-open file and download it.