The Garden of Beasts
S2 episode 10 Aired on March 16, 2017

[Warning: Contains spoilers for Colony episode 210, "The Garden of Beasts"]

The core Bowman family is back together underground, but Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) must still contend with the Resistance-related repercussions for her sister, Maddie (Amanda Righetti). The sisters are forced to make agonizing choices and take sides, while Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) struggles to get his parents to include him in the fight. The conflict gets that much harder with the arrival of the Blackjacks, Global Authority Intelligence Directorate who make Homeland Security look like kindergarten cops.

Oh, so that’s what those pods are for (aahhh!)

In the San Fernando Bloc a building is surrounded by a highly coordinated assault team of men in black leather jackets. They home in on their target subject with precision, incapacitate him, confirm his identity, strip him down, force neon greenish liquid down his throat, and seal him in a pod. The whole thing takes a matter of minutes, and the man never gets a chance to fight back.

Katie tries to save Maddie, but wonders if she wants to be saved

Katie visits Maddie at the Greatest Day center to warn her that Homeland Security will be coming for her next. She begs Maddie to come with her, but Maddie doesn’t want to be held responsible for her sister’s “bad choices.” Katie reminds her sister that Nolan (Adrian Pasdar) turned on his own wife and shouldn’t be trusted. She leaves, telling Maddie to tie a shoelace around a light post outside the Yonk if she needs help.

Noa brings tales from beyond the Wall

Noa tells Broussard that life outside the bloc is basically the Wild West, but a group of professionals found each other and have a secure location in the desert. They have someone who understands the alien interface, they just need a device to be able to communicate. Broussard breaks the bad news that the Redhand stole the gauntlet. He offers to help her get beyond the Wall if she’ll take them with her.

Alan Snyder has ‘returned from the dead’

Snyder (Peter Jacobson) makes the rounds at Helena Goodwin’s behest, letting it be known that anyone having an issue with Proxy Alcala (Tony Plana) can come straight to him. He visits the Bowman’s old house, which is being picked apart by Blackjacks, and then Dan Bennett (Christian Clemenson) at Homeland Security. Bennett, the ultimate company man, doesn’t know who’s running the company, but Snyder simplifies things for him, suggesting that Bennett should want to be on the winning team.  “I have returned from the dead, Mr. Bennett. Do you really want to bet against me?” Snyder says, telling Bennett to report to him from now on.

Nolan has to decide where his loyalties -– if any -– lie

It doesn’t take long for the Blackjacks to come for Maddie. While she tries to convince them she had nothing to do with Katie’s Resistance, Nolan meets with Proxy Alcala, who knows that Goodwin is maneuvering against him and urges Nolan not to ruin what they’ve built together “for a piece of tail.” He tells Nolan to disavow Maddie. Burgess tells a Blackjack he can help make Maddie talk. He tries to assess her feelings for him, wrestling with his choice. Maddie tells Nolan that he and her son are the only good things in her life and that Katie means nothing to her now. Nolan seems to believe she means it and tells her if she wants to get out of her situation, she’ll have to follow his lead.

Broussard and Co. look for a way out

Underground, Broussard (Tory Kittles), Katie, and Will (Josh Holloway) try to form a plan to leave the bloc. They visit a man named Howard Anderson at his home, scaring him enough to get him to talk about his job at the gateway. They learn that the Blackjacks' SUVs are the only vehicles that aren’t thoroughly inspected when leaving the bloc. A transponder in the car lets them through the Wall without interference. They decide to steal an SUV, but first they’ll need bait to summon the Blackjacks to them. Luckily, they’re all wanted fugitives.

Katie counts on Maddie to betray her

Katie, Will, and Broussard wait to see if Maddie will show up outside the Yonk. When Maddie appears, Katie has to know if her sister really needs her help. She holds out hope Maddie won’t turn on her, even as they’re counting on it. Katie calls Maddie from a pay phone. When Maddie asks for her help, Katie is ready to set up a meet. But Morgan, watching Katie’s location on surveillance, sees a black SUV racing toward Katie. Katie’s heart sinks. Maddie has betrayed her. Blackjacks and Nolan were coaching Maddie’s call.

Blackjack takedown goes bust

Katie runs and the Blackjacks follow. She races through an abandoned shell of a building, leading her pursuers right into Will’s gunfire. Broussard commandeers the SUV and drives around to pick up the Bowmans. On the SUV’s computer Broussard finds an open dossier on people, including Will. Katie and Will make it to the SUV, but before they get in, Will sees a Blackjack aiming a missile at the car. Will manages to yell at Broussard to get out before the SUV goes up in flames.

Back in the tunnels, Broussard tells them about the pod he saw in the back of the SUV and that they’re looking for Will. He suggests they lay low.

Bram wants to fight back, but his parents get in the way

As his parents scheme and try to find a way behind the Wall, Bram grows increasingly restless at being sidelined. After his time in the labor camp, he’s not content to sit out the fight, but his parents won’t let him join. With Will, Katie, and Broussard gone, Bram sneaks out. He goes to visit Maya’s mother, and tells her that Maya died for what she believed in.  Then he goes to see “the Cardinal,” Karen Brun (Laura Innes). Maya told him where to find her. She thanks him for his service in the war and for helping to blow up the ship. When she asks about his parents, Bram says they don’t know him anymore. Karen Brun sees an opening, and tells Bram exactly what he wants to hear: that he can join her fight.