S2 episode 1 Aired on January 12, 2017

Warning: Recap contains spoilers for Colony 201, “Eleven.Thirteen”

The season two premiere primarily takes place in flashback on Arrival Day as minor things start to go wrong, signaling the impending invasion. Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) shows his dedication to both his job and his family as he races for answers and safety, while Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) somehow upgrades from underachiever to proxy (hint: turns out he’s always been a bit of a weasel).

VIPs are MIA

As Arrival Day begins, Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) thinks his biggest problem is going to be what to do about his possibly crooked partner, Devon. After five years on the task force together, he thinks she’s gotten too close to the criminals and doesn’t believe the down payment for her new house in Santa Monica really came from her uncle. But his doubts have to wait as the duo receives an urgent assignment. 

Overnight seven military and government VIPs in the L.A. area have disappeared, including two aerospace engineers. Will and Devon find the Lockheed engineer holed up in the panic room at his house. He reveals that he’s on a list of 1,200 people in the U.S. who are supposed to be sequestered if there’s a major catastrophe. Back at the office, they learn many more people have disappeared. And then the lights go out.

Visit from Human Resources

Alan Snyder (Peter Jacobson) starts his day at work as purchasing manager for a high school - not provost at Stanford, at he would later tell Katie. He is visited by two serious-looking men who say they’re from the Institute for Global Advancement. They know everything about him, including that he’s been embezzling. They offer him a job, which starts with meeting an out-of-this-world boss in a temperature-controlled room. Snyder gets to send one person to safety, so he drops by his ex-wife’s house and has his daughter Cynthia forcibly taken with him. He initially tries to convince his ex-wife to leave town, but gives up when she resists - explaining why Cynthia held a grudge against her father in the first season. Snyder’s escorted to safety outside the L.A. bloc and meets Helena Goodwin, who will later be a big problem for Snyder in the very unique bureaucracy he just joined.

Unquiet on the home front

Katie starts her day like any other, taking her kids to school and heading to work. She’s prepping for the day at the Yonk when a familiar face comes in - Eric Broussard (Tory Kittles). The episode illustrates their first encounter, before either one joined the Resistance.

Later, as Will realizes something bad is happening, he calls Katie and urgently tells her to pick up their children; Katie then contacts her sister Madeline Kenner (Amanda Righetti) to warn her, too. Katie is in her car with Grace when the EMP hits and cars and lights everywhere go dead. They head on foot to Bram’s high school and collect him, but don’t have a way to reach Charlie, who is 10 miles away in Santa Monica. As they hunker down that night at the Yonk, Maddie arrives with her son as drones begin flying overhead.

Lone survivor

Eric Broussard returns home on an unplanned trip and visits his mother, who is on dialysis at his house and not well. After visiting with Katie at the Yonk, and telling her how to contact him if she needs to, he receives an urgent call. Broussard retrieves his weapons and reports to meet his fellow operatives at the VFW hall, but something doesn’t seem right to him as he realizes that many commandos in one spot makes for an easy target. He leaves just in time and can only watch as the hall and everyone in it is obliterated in a blast from above. Broussard runs to check on his mother, but with her life support machines lacking power, there’s nothing he can do to save her.

Divided family

After checking that everyone is safe at the Yonk, Will hops on the only working mode of transportation and starts to bike his way across town to find Charlie. He’s racing to Santa Monica when the final piece of Arrival Day – the wall – drops from the sky and into the earth, creating the L.A. bloc. The surrounding structure prevents Will from reaching his middle child.

Aftermath, L.A. Bloc

Back in the present day (following the events of the season one finale), Maddie pulls strings to get Katie in to see Bram, who was arrested after being caught in the tunnel under the wall. It was a trap set by his own father, who hadn’t expected Bram would get caught. The teenager is in a world of trouble, and there’s nothing anyone can do to help.

Aftermath, Santa Monica

Will is in the Santa Monica bloc looking for Charlie, who he has heard is running with a gang headed by the mysterious Solomon. The father approaches a group hoping to trade goods for information, but instead gets jumped and stabbed in the shoulder. Will then goes to the house of the only person he knows who might be able to help him: his former partner, Devon. But given that he accused her of being dirty the last time they saw each other, will she provide assistance?