Zero Day
S1 episode 9 Aired on March 10, 2016

Will Calls Out Katie

Will and Beau continue to sell Proxy Snyder on the idea that there’s a new Resistance group operating outside the Wall. They use their investigation on the other side for recon on a plan to escape up to Beau’s cabin at Big Bear. But when the moment of truth comes and Will tells Katie it’s time to go, she refuses. Both Will and Katie feel they are doing the right thing for their family and are torn by their love for each other and their opposing beliefs about the best way forward. Will is hurting from Katie’s lies, but she’s still angry about his earlier secret attempt to rescue Charlie. They take turns blaming each other for Rachel’s death and end up farther apart than ever before. We also learn that on the day of the Arrival, Will fought his way across town to get home to his family. He’s fighting for his family still, but it’s much closer to home. 

Katie the Commando

Broussard and Will continue to pull Katie in opposite directions. As Will begs her to leave town with him, Broussard gears her up for a military-style operation that includes gunning down a new type of guard they haven’t seen before. Katie has a rough day, fighting with each member of her family. Bram knows his mom is keeping secrets and wants to be treated like an adult. Katie finds Gracie’s “Greatest Day” indoctrination book from Lindsay and confiscates it. And Will finally stops pretending not to know what she’s up to. Katie begs Will to join her. “We could fight together, so our kids don’t grow up in this,” she says.  In the end, Katie goes looking for the biggest fight yet, as her new cell blows up a Metro train that’s supposed to be carrying a VIP. Instead they find a Very Important… something. 

Beau Finds Purpose

Beau is on a roll, not just as he spouts out one sharp line after another, but also as he completes his transition from trying to avoid trouble to thumbing his nose at it. When a series of spontaneous uprisings happen on the anniversary of Zero Day, Beau and Will see their opportunity. After Katie refuses to go along, Will encourages Beau to get out while he can. “It doesn’t matter what a man has if he doesn’t have purpose; you take that away from him, the man usually goes with it,” he says, finding his purpose again. 

Maddie Makes a Move

After her scheming boss Charlotte sidelines her with kitchen duty, Maddie proves her usefulness by directing Charlotte to a previously unknown art collection. Maddie further ingratiates herself by offering to keep the most valuable work off the books for Charlotte’s side business. Charlotte is appreciative – until Proxy Snyder shows up with a team of Redhats and hauls her away as Maddie and Noland watch. Neither makes a move to save her, and Charlotte realizes too late that she underestimated Maddie and was the third wheel in her own marriage. 

Proxy Snyder and Noland Burgess Form an Alliance

In the wake of the Zero Day uprisings, Snyder knows his job is in danger. Noland plays dumb when Snyder asks about the plan to replace him, but he feels much more talkative after Snyder takes care of Charlotte. Snyder tells Will about a tunnel to the other side and Will suggests a trap, not realizing he might catch his own son. 

The Resistance Goes Underground

Broussard and the new cell make plans to blow up a Metro train. With a small listening device the size of a large bug, the new cell has a recording from the office of a high-ranking collaborator talking about “Hyperion” coming to town. Broussard tries to prepare Katie for the operation by warning her to keep emotion out of it, then teaches her how to shoot to kill. We also learn that Broussard’s mother died the night of the arrival – she had a bad heart and it couldn’t stand the shock. By the end of the episode, Broussard and the joined cells are in for a new shock.