In From The Cold
S1 episode 8 Aired on March 3, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Quayle reveals himself to be more of a pragmatist than an idealist as he sees the tide turning against him and tries to make a deal. But he badly underestimates Will, who now knows Katie was working with the Resistance and protects her without letting on that he’s onto her. Katie’s cell suffers even more losses.

Will Weighs the Risks

After finding the Joseph Conrad book Katie’s cell uses as a cipher, he cannot ignore the fact Katie is working with the Resistance. Quayle then rubs his face in it by threatening to expose her. At home, Will struggles with not being able to trust his wife, and unilaterally decides to tell Gracie and Bram that their brother Charlie is alive. When the op to nab Broussard goes bad, Quayle quickly goes from asset to loose end. In a shocker, Will decides Quayle is one more risk he just can’t take – and guns him down in cold blood, then covers it up with Beau’s help.

RIP, Alexander Quayle

After trying to have Katie killed, Quayle turns his attention to saving his own neck. He reaches out to Will and offers up Broussard and his cell -- minus Katie -- in exchange for a transit pass that would allow him to get through any Wall. The Rolodex sheds some light on Quayle’s spycraft roots: He’s a former CIA station chief in Berlin who was later in Defense Intelligence but was “forcibly retired.” He and Broussard go back to before the Arrival, but that doesn’t stop him from setting up Broussard for Will to take down. Broussard slips away yet again, but a zealous Redhat chases down Rachel and executes her. Quayle underestimates how far Will will go to protect his wife -- and pays for it with his life.

Katie Quits, Then Recommits

Katie has had enough and tells Rachel she wants out. Rachel shows she’s a true friend by promising to sell Quayle on the idea. But before they get the chance, they’re both caught up in Quayle’s double cross. Katie tries to warn Broussard about Quayle (just as Will knew she would), but to no avail. Katie watches helplessly as Will and the Redhats miss their chance at Broussard, but kill Rachel as she lies wounded in the street. Following the murder of her friend, and with Quayle out of the way, Katie vows to work with Broussard, who has been planning a hit against a TA official with the help of another cell. At home, Katie’s façade is crumbling, but she’s too wrapped up in her cell’s drama to notice that Will is onto her. 

Punching the Clock at the Factory

Carlos isn’t dead; he’s just working a terrible job with awful benefits. The health plan seems to include being dragged away to doom at the sign of illness. He slaves away with other outcasts, who are so scared or so broken they don’t even react when a fellow worker starts coughing up blood and is hauled off screaming. Giant metal tanks seem to hold the product of their labor, but we don’t know what that is. Given the view from Carlos’ window and the structure Bram sees through his teacher’s telescope, it seems like the Factory is a base on the moon. Neil Armstrong would not be pleased.

Bram’s Rebellion

Bram’s petulant teenager phase includes scientific research. He’s ignoring his parents and staying out late to hang out with his curious teacher -- who also engages in some day drinking with his teen student. Using the telescope Bram helped get parts for, they find a structure on the moon. When the teacher wants to get a better look, Bram lets him in on his secret access to the world outside the Wall.

“No One Else is Doing it Your Way”

Helena pays Proxy Snyder a courtesy visit that’s really just a threat with a smile. She warns him that the Chief Minister of the Pacific Coast is coming to the Colony on the anniversary of the Arrival for a performance review. (A visit the Resistance knows about, stay tuned.) Snyder defends his relative nice guy methods and argues that fear is not the best way to get people to go along. Helena offers a literal interpretation of a George Orwell quote, suggesting Snyder toughen his tactics: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face… forever.”  Snyder later takes this advice to heart in his callous display of Rachel and the other Resistance fighters.

Beau Knows

Will shows just how much he trusts Beau as he reveals himself as the source of the leak. Beau backs his partner’s play at every step, even when Will kills Quayle and two Redhat guards. Beau helps try to sell Proxy Snyder on a story that they found Quayle dead at the safe house, but he and Will know that lie won’t hold up for long.