S1 episode 7 Aired on February 25, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Major Spoilers! 

Broussard is both hunter and prey in an episode that puts Will – with an assist from an unlikely informant – hot on his trail. Meanwhile, despite being a trained killer who has previously shown no hesitation, Broussard wrestles with following orders when it comes to dealing with Katie. 

Meet Eric Broussard/Dwight Ford/Sanjay Agrawal 

We already know that Eric Broussard is a man of many deadly talents. Thanks to the Hosts’ Rolodex, Will and Jennifer McMahon learn that he is also a Force Recon Marine with Special Operations, with 14 different international identities. (Among them, German national Karl Hummel, a “part time animal breeder specializing in rabbits and pigeons” who is also “Kindertransport mom.”) As Will tracks him, Broussard fakes his own death and struggles to follow Quayle’s direct order to kill Katie. Broussard trusts no one but himself, a lesson he learned after his father ran out when he was 12, but he thinks Quayle is wrong about Katie. He essentially bets his life on her, letting her walk with all she knows. In the end, his gamble pays off – for now.

Will Connects the Dots 

Will spends the episode on the trail of “Dwight Ford,” the alias used by Broussard as a Redhat. From what he’s seen of Broussard, Will knows he’s dealing with someone with a special set of skills. His commitment to the chase is renewed when Proxy Snyder shares an update on Will’s son Charlie. Snyder claims to feel Will’s pain, saying he has a daughter that matters to him more than anything. When evidence shows that Broussard had been to the Yonk before, Will finds Katie at a vulnerable moment and she steers him toward Broussard’s house under the guise of a bartender with great recall. Although she reverses course yet again and tips Broussard off just in time, Will finds a clue tying Broussard to Katie that he can’t ignore: Nostromo 

Katie’s Trust Issues 

The last time we saw Katie, she had killed her fellow Resistance fighter Vasquez to save Will. Katie isn’t sure what that means for her place in the Resistance, but she’s pretty sure she has some explaining to do. She and Will take different paths on the same course to find Broussard. When Broussard finally reaches out, she realizes almost too late that her place in the Resistance has been fundamentally altered by her actions, even if she swears her commitment remains. Though Broussard doesn’t go through with it, Katie is thoroughly unnerved when she realizes he was sent to kill her. That and graphic photos of Broussard’s victims – including Phyllis – are the push Katie needs to point Will in the right direction when he comes looking to her for answers.  But after a visit from Rachel, Katie changes her mind yet again, and warns Broussard that Will is coming. Trying to appease both sides, Katie puts herself in everyone’s crosshairs. 

The Rolodex 

To aid Will and McMahon in their search for Broussard, Proxy Snyder pulls some strings to get them access to the mother of all databases. It can access every bit of data on earth that existed before the Arrival. McMahon can’t help but be impressed. Before The Arrival she managed one of the largest private databases in the world – which we later learn means she ran a dating website. Swipe left to collaborate? 

“The Greatest Day is Coming” 

We don’t know what it is, but it sounds like it will only be “great” for a chosen few. A cult-like religious offshoot is embracing the Hosts as a kind of Second Coming. Not only is Madeline’s boss’ husband Noland Burgess involved, but the organization has its sights set on the kids. “We understand the critical role that children will play on ‘The Greatest Day,’ which is why we must do everything in our power to prepare them,” explains a preacher. We get a peek at a secret manual and learn of another devotee: Gracie’s tutor Lindsey.  (Boy, were we right about her.) 

Maddie’s Professional Development 

We quickly learn that Maddie’s job duties for Charlotte have expanded: she now gets to sleep with Charlotte’s husband Noland -- but only when Charlotte is around to watch. (Maddie, somehow, seems kinda into it.) All the extra time at the office has put Maddie in position to discover that Charlotte is running a side deal with the art. She keeps it to herself, but when Maddie falls out of her boss’ favor, she threatens to go public and gets an even more surprising proposition from Noland, who’s ready to cut his wife out of their threesome.

Calling all Resistance! Do you have what it takes to hack the Rolodex? Try it here.