S1 episode 6 Aired on February 18, 2016

Colony 106 Episode Guide 

(Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers) 

Broussard Is Put in the Middle

Broussard kicks off the action by killing his fellow Redhats in the convoy carrying Will and Proxy Snyder. During the Resistance ambush, Broussard has a clear chance to kill Will, but doesn’t, remembering the deal Katie made with Quayle to protect Will. After Katie calls to report that Snyder and Will have taken refuge in the Yonk, Broussard protects Katie’s allegiances within earshot of Will as he searches, but then makes it clear she has to play along or her own people will bust down the door. When Quayle forces Broussard to make good on that threat later, Broussard stares down an armed Katie in the hunt for Snyder. Both Quayle and Snyder vow revenge – Quayle focuses on Katie and Snyder orders Will to throw everything they have at finding the treacherous Redhat Broussard:  “I want him to die, badly.” 

Katie’s Ruthless Side

Katie continue to play an active role in the Resistance, participating in the convoy ambush, then giving up Snyder’s position to the Resistance when Will brings him to the Yonk to wait for back-up. She plays a cat-and-mouse game in the bar for the rest of the episode, trying to convince Will to give up Snyder without giving herself away. We’re not sure how much she’s fooling him anymore. We learn that Katie’s father was a Navy captain and didn’t like her marrying Will, an army grunt. Her family lives in New Orleans now. When the Resistance busts down the bar door, Katie makes a fateful choice, shooting a fellow fighter in the back to save Will. If pulling the trigger didn’t make her question herself enough, Will later tells her there was no Geronimo, and she wonders who she’s really been helping. 

Proxy Snyder’s Resume

We learn that Proxy Snyder used to be the Provost at Stanford. The Hosts came to him after the Arrival because he had a Ph.D. in Economics and called him “the perfect candidate.” He’s originally from Long Island, but they relocated him from Palo Alto. There are seven colonies in the Pacific Coast region, but he doesn’t know why lies beyond them other than “someplace you don’t want to be.” He seems to have convinced himself that he’s helping people, arguing that his sham trial of the fake Geronimo might deter people from taking up arms against the Hosts. When Katie makes clear she’d prefer him dead, he announces that he has confirmed their son Charlie is alive, but that bureaucratic red tape makes it very complicated to get him back. 

“Today You Work for Me”

Will gets in deeper as he saves Snyder, not just from the ambush but again and again from Katie. Realizing that Will is his only chance of survival, Snyder doesn’t argue when Will takes charge. Will’s arm is sliced open by a bullet fragment in the attack, but he guts it out like a true soldier. In the end, he holds down the Yonk long enough for back-up to arrive, keeping Snyder safe in the end by hiding him from everyone – even Katie. Broussard takes Will’s gun as he leaves. Back home, Will tells Katie that Homeland Security has set up across the street, which might be a good thing, given Katie’s precarious position with the Resistance. 

Quayle Goes Hunting

When Quayle throws everything he has at getting Proxy Snyder -- and misses, thanks to Will -- any sympathies he had for Katie as a civilian are erased. He orders Broussard to break down the door to the Yonk and go after Proxy Snyder. Then, when Snyder eludes him again and more of his people die, Quayle comes to a conclusion that’s bound to be bad news for Katie: he believes she’s a double agent.