S1 episode 5 Aired on February 4, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers 

We Are Geronimo

Teenagers plaster the city with Geronimo posters, setting the tone for an episode that’s all about the fronts people put up. When the Redhats catch a teen at the Geronimo poster drop site, they follow his intel back to a house in the Green Zone. The headquarters don’t look like they belong to the leader of a Resistance -- and, in fact, they don’t. Instead of Geronimo, Will and the Redhats find “Geronimo,” two hipsters putting their marketing backgrounds to propaganda use. They’re not resisting anything; it’s just branding. 

Will Doesn’t Know Who to Trust

When Will learns of Phyllis’ death, he is upset to lose a woman he had come to grudgingly respect. He is becoming less collaborator and more cop. Installed in Phyllis’ old job as head of the unit, he wants to plug its leak. He looks at McMahon, but she shakes his confidence by sharing that Phyllis thought Katie was involved with the Resistance. Will goes looking for answers at the Yonk and finds the three-run walk-off ball that Katie said was the reason she was shaken the morning she saw Justin die, another nagging question answered. But Will’s suspicions have been raised.

Katie Commits

Katie is disturbed to realize that she marked Phyllis for death. But instead of running, the episode ends with her suiting up for the next Resistance operation. Katie takes her betrayal of Will to the next level: when he probes her for answers about her meeting with Phyllis she lies to his face. 

Bram Goes on a Scavenger Hunt

Pia takes Bram to a giant food distribution center beyond the wall. In her 11 times outside the wall, Pia has never seen anyone. Bram brings back markers for Gracie, which even his little sister perceives as unusual.  Will doesn’t believe his son got them for oranges, but he has bigger fish to fry (in his own family). Bram pays a visit to his teacher Mr. Carson, and offers to help find parts for his homemade telescope to they can see what’s going on in the sky. 

Proxy Snyder Needs a Win

Following the death of Phyllis, who we learn had “direct access” to the Hosts, Proxy Snyder realizes he’s not untouchable. With the Geronimo bust, he has a bigger problem when he realizes he doesn’t have a Resistance leader to offer his bosses. He pays a nervous visit to Helena, a representative for his boss, the Governor General, assuring her he has the situation under control. He convinces Luis Ortega, the man making the Geronimo broadcasts, to act as his “patsy,” promising him freedom in return. After a weeklong televised trial designed to turn the Colony against Geronimo and the Resistance, Proxy Snyder welches on his deal and has “Geronimo” hanged in his version of the town square. The episode ends with Snyder ordering Will into his car explaining: “There’s someone I want you to meet.”