Blind Spot
S1 episode 4 Aired on February 4, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers

Broussard Is a Redhat!

Whoa. A day in the life of Broussard is even more insane than we could have possibly imagined. In the opening sequence, a GoPro-style look into a Redhat’s typical workday basically reveals a dystopian version of COPS. After a brutal bust at a high school English class, the Redhats return to the locker room and it is discovered that Broussard is one of them. No wonder he has such good intel, including that the DHS is operating in a known pattern that could mean a VIP is coming through the Colony.

Katie Bombs Her Own House

Directed by Quayle to stay a step ahead of Will (or else), Katie stages an explosion in her living room, knowing that she’ll be hauled into the Transitional Authority office where she can scope out their plans. Phyllis intuits what’s up immediately, asking all the right questions, and Will is also wonders why the family photo is missing from the wall. Katie quickly explains it away and Will goes searching. He finds the photo on top of the refrigerator, glass broken, and his suspicion that Katie moved the picture because she knew the bomb was coming is squashed.

Maddie Gets a Job

It had been hinted to in an earlier episode that Maddie had worked in the art world before the Arrival, and now we see just how much of a player she had been as a Los Angeles art dealer. While temping for Mrs. Burgess, a Green Zone resident who procures and delivers famous works (many of which should be hanging in museums), Maddie comes up with the location of a highly coveted Ai Weiwei. Before she gives up information on other art, however, Maddie demands insulin for Hudson as part of her benefits package.

Will Captures Geronimo

Thanks to Bram’s tip about how to track down the voice of the Resistance by looking for clues in the posters, Will catches Geronimo in the Green Zone during a rousing broadcast. Proxy Snyder is very excited to share the good news up the ladder, but Phyllis is not convinced that the person they’ve arrested can take credit for leading the Resistance. She’s seen this before and believes that a series of separate cells comprise the Resistance, rather than one leader who drives the movement. She says they’re still making progress, but how is Proxy going to explain this one to their Hosts?

Phyllis Reveals Her Past (And Meets Her End)

Surprising Katie with a visit to the Yonk, Phyllis plays her trump card and shows a photograph of Katie at the hijacking. Phyllis draws a comparison of Katie’s big secret to her own -- an affair she had years ago which her husband Ed never found out about -- and even compares her husband to WIll. Before Phyllis can leverage her knowledge of Katie’s involvement in the Resistance, however, Broussard shoots her in the head at her Green Zone home. As she’s about to die, Phyllis asks her assassin to also put down Ed, now an invalid. In the final moments of an episode that ends just as shocking as it starts, shots fire in Phyllis’ house.