98 Seconds
S1 episode 3 Aired on January 28, 2016

Geronimo’s Broadcast

“98 Seconds” is all about timing. In the opening scene, we hear the voice of the Resistance, Geronimo, giving a rousing speech over pirated airwaves. He has the timing planned perfectly, so that when the Redhats locate where the transmission is coming from, he’s long gone -- the souvenir card, “I Am Geronimo,” left in his stead. One member of the Bowman family is a big Geronimo fan, and, surprisingly, it’s not Katie. Bram is taping the broadcast and adding it to his archive. 

Bram’s Resistant Streak

Bram shares a copy of the broadcast with his ethics teacher after class (an Occupation-mandated class, by the way, that no one cares about -- not even the person teaching it). They discuss the latest launch, and the teacher is convinced that something is actually changing in the sky. He says that something is blocking Polaris for an entire minute at a time and that he just needs a better telescope to see it.

Gracie’s New Tutor 

There’s another new teacher in the fold -- Gracie and Hudson’s tutor. The woman is very serene. In fact, too serene. When Katie walks through the front door with blood on her hands, the tutor takes notice and later tells Katie how much she respects the Bowmans’ privacy. Somehow, she seems like the last person you would want to trust with your secrets -- or, as Katie best articulates it, she seems “completely bonkers.”

Pia’s Secret Tunnel

Pia goes to see Bram and hurriedly takes him to a secret tunnel that leads out of the Colony. Her father works for the Department of Water and Power and so she has keys to the building that accesses it. It’s obviously something that the Raps don’t know about yet, and, as far as Bram can tell, it’s a passage to the rest of the world. Pia urgently needs Bram’s help with her cousin, Pedro, who has fallen down a slippery ladder underground, and she later swears Bram to secrecy.

Brousaard’s Ruthlessness

Broussard heads up a mission that involves hijacking a truck en route to the Green Zone in what first appears to be straightforward supply grab, but as Quayle later implies, it provides the Resistance with some important intel. Broussard knows the movements of the Redhats so well that he gives the team exactly 98 seconds to get the job done before the Transitional Authority swoops in. A new recruit, Justin Kim, is shot during the hijacking, and Broussard puts him down for good. He says it’s to protect Justin from being tortured and sent to the Factory -- but you get the sense that Brousaard wants to make sure that Justin never talks again.

Phyllis’ Data Skills

Tragically, the Transitional Authority targets the entire Kim family after the hijacking -- not only tearing their house apart, but also sending all of them to the Factory. In Justin’s room, they find a cipher that connects him to the Resistance, and through careful data mining, Phyllis points Will and Beau to an abandoned community center that now serves as a secret armory. It’s a call that’s way too close for Quayle and Broussard, making them think that Will might be a bit too good at his job.

Katie’s Crisis of Conscience

Katie is having a hard time adjusting to life inside the Resistance. Her first mission doesn’t go well, and the collateral damage sends her spiraling. Despite counseling from a fellow member, what happens to Justin eats Katie up. She also worries that the information she’s supplying to the Resistance is putting Will directly in harm’s way. And she’s right. The only way Qualye will keep Will alive is if the intel Katie provides him with outweighs Will’s efforts against them. It’s going to be a near-impossible balance.

The Yonk’s Grand Reopening

The Yonk is open again, and for a short while, things feel normal. The beer is pouring, the bourbon is smooth, the New Orleans music is grooving, and Will and Beau are finally bonding. But nobody ruins a party better than Proxy. When Snyder arrives flanked by Redhats, everyone remembers why life in the Colony will never be the same.