S1 episode 10 Aired on March 17, 2016

Warning: Recap Contains Spoilers! 

Alien Autopsy?

As the Raps crack down on the city, with bombings and drones everywhere, Katie and the Resistance gamble and take the Rap they captured to their loft to examine it. By the time they get there, hiding from the blanket surveillance and hijacking a Redhat car, they don’t have long with their prize. They try hacking and sawing at the metallic exterior but get nowhere. Morgan the software engineer decides they’ve been going about things all wrong: “We’re trying to brute force this, but this is tech, not mechanical.” She uses the Rap’s fingerprint to open a control panel. But before they can get any further, Will comes to warn them they’re out of time. We never get a peek at what’s behind the mask. 

Katie Cuts It Close

Katie is as curious as anyone to see what’s inside the Rap’s mask. But when the moment of truth comes and Will warns her cell they have moments before they’re caught, Katie reveals their position, forcing her fellow fighters to flee before they get answers. She’s seen too many people die and doesn’t seem willing to watch her new friends suffer the same fate. When she comes home to an empty house, with the kids in the Green Zone and Will on his way to Santa Monica, Kate seems empty, too.  She slumps to the floor, utterly alone – except for the surveillance camera watching her every move. 

Will Takes Off

Even after his fight with Katie, Will is desperately scrambling to keep her from getting caught. Helena Goldwin puts herself in charge of the recovery operation of one of the Hosts (she calls it “it”). She reminds them that during the Arrival, two were killed in Dallas and Dallas is now a “flat sheet of glass.”  With Beau presumably off to Big Bear, Will decides to trust Jennifer McMahon, who sees Katie on surveillance footage of the Metro bombing and covers for her. Will and McMahon review footage of the blown op with Quayle to nab Broussard and notice Broussard signal Simon Eckhart in the crowd. The Rolodex’s facial recognition identifies him easily, leading Will to the loft. McMahon likely saves the lives of the entire cell by giving Will a 20 minute head-start on the Redhats and not asking questions. Will ends up saving Katie yet again, and getting a transit pass from Proxy Snyder to go find Charlie. The pass is only good under Snyder’s authority, and that window is closing fast.  But as he hits the road to find one son, he doesn’t know that his other has just made a very big mistake. 

Proxy Snyder Makes Good

Following the bombing, Proxy Snyder knows his days are numbered. He finds his daughter and tries to offer her his transit pass (“before this city is plunged into the Dark Ages”) and his apology, but she hates him too much to take either. Although Snyder seems resigned to his fate, he makes a final pitch to Noland to keep a spot in the Transitional Authority -- and one of his houses. Snyder lives up to his promise to Will, giving him the pass that will allow him to go look for Charlie. “You’re an honorable man, Will. Don’t let them take that from you,” Snyder says, seeming to acknowledge he sold his soul. When it’s time to leave his office, La Garza comes with a squad of Redhats, and the future doesn’t look good for Snyder. Do we almost feel sorry for him? 

Bram Gets Busted

Instead of going with his aunt to the safety of the Green Zone, Bram runs off. He grabs his teacher and they plan to cross under the Wall to a telescope strong enough to get a clear picture of the structure (the Factory) on the moon. But his own father has laid a trap for the next person to use the tunnel, and that happens to be Bram. 

Noland Burgess, Mover and Shaker

When curfew is instituted in the middle of the day during the search for the missing Rap, Maddie takes the kids to Burgess’ house in the Green Zone. As Noland waits to see where the political chips will land, Maddie urges him to support all the potential Proxy candidates. Noland shows his political stripes when he refuses to help Snyder, knowing Snyder has fallen out of the Hosts’ favor. Noland’s moral flexibility pays off when he’s appointed Chief of Staff to the next Proxy Governor, telling Maddie: “This is going to be so good for us.” We’re also reminded of his ties to “The Greatest Day” when he brings the Bowman’s tutor Lindsay in. He looks like a dangerous friend to have.