Charlie Bowman
played by Jacob Buster
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The Bowmans’ middle child, Charlie (Jacob Buster) was separated from his family during the Arrival. He now lives in the Santa Monica bloc, surviving the Occupation with a group of young roving teenagers. Because of Charlie, Will went to work for the Transitional Authority to gather intel and access, and -- thanks to a Gateway pass from Proxy Snyder -- he’s en route to Santa Monica to find his son.

Jacob Buster plays Charlie, the Bowman’s estranged son, who Will (Josh Holloway) rescued from the Santa Monica bloc.

Buster’s first film role came when he was seven years old, playing the lead in the short film Heaven Under the Table, which was later turned into the series Granite Flats with Christopher Lloyd. When he was nine years old, Buster won Best Actor Under 18 at the Filmed in Utah Awards for his first full-length feature, Christmas for a Dollar, and also won a second Best Actor Under 18 award for the film Just Let Go, playing the son of Henry Ian Cusick.

In addition to acting, Buster has been a competitive soccer player since he was seven years old.