Bram Bowman
played by Alexander Neustaedter
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The oldest Bowman child, Bram (Alexander Neustaedter) is strong-willed and independent. Shortly after the Arrival, Bram and his high school teacher discover suspicious activities on the moon, which they spy with a contraband telescope. He also tapes the rousing addresses from the Resistance leader Geronimo and explores an underground tunnel that may be his ticket out of the Los Angeles bloc. Busted by Homeland Security in one of the tunnels, Bram now sits in captivity.

In USA Network’s critically acclaimed series Colony, Alexander Neustaedter plays Bram Bowman, the oldest son of Will (Josh Holloway) and Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies). Born in Kansas City, Neustaedter landed several roles in feature films, commercials and industrial projects, studied at The Kansas City Ballet and was an avid athlete in multiple sports. While attending an acting seminar, his manager approached him about coming to Los Angeles for pilot season in 2011, which resulted in a permanent move that fall.

During summer 2014, Alex shot the feature film Ithaca, starring in the lead role of Homer, with Meg Ryan as his widowed mother and Tom Hanks as his deceased father. Additionally, Neustaedter booked one of the lead roles in Shovel Buddies, a coming-of-age drama that debuted at the film portion of SXSW in 2016.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Neustaedter is an honor student, excels at Varsity baseball, loves to surf and snowboard and is an aspiring filmmaker.