S3 EP20
Leaving The Nest
Aired on 12/23/2015
Available until 04/01/2020
Todd drops Savannah off at college in Nashville, but in typical Todd fashion, finds a way to keep tabs on her. Meanwhile, Chase has his own scheme to capitalize on Savannah's new home.
S3 EP19
A Very Chrisley Christmas
Following last season’s hit special, “A Very Chrisley Christmas,” viewers will get another holiday delight as the Chrisley family welcomes you into their impeccably decorated winter wonderland home and prepares for Julie’s delicious Christmas dinner. Over the course of the episode, they will reminisce over their favorite moments from the season, reliving their comical interactions and mishaps through a compilation of prior and never-before-seen clips.
S3 EP18
The Graduates
Savannah and Chase plan a weekend on their own to tour a college in Nashville, but their plans are soon foiled by Todd and Julie.
S3 EP17
Hometown Hero
Todd decides the kids are in need of a family history lesson. But when Todd reunites with some of his childhood friends, the lesson turns out to be more than he bargained for.
S3 EP16
Sports Day
The Chrisleys attend a family friend's annual Sports Day BBQ. Determined to break their losing streak, Todd's competitive spirit pushes his family to their breaking points.
S3 EP15
Love and Marriage
When Todd and Julie prepare to make a "day in the life" anniversary video, the cracks in their marriage begin to show, and they scramble to reinvent themselves as the "perfect" couple.
S3 EP14
Lord Chrisley
Todd takes his family to the English countryside and insists on turning the Chrisleys into a proper English family. But when the family resists, Todd goes to great lengths to prove he's a royal.
S3 EP13
Chrisleys Take London
Chase and Savannah are ecstatic to embark on a family graduation trip to London, much to the chagrin of Todd, a creature of habit who's never left the country.
S3 EP12
Dude Ranch
Grayson decides he wants to be a real city slicker for his birthday present, and persuades his family to come to the ranch with him where they will see how country they really are.
S3 EP11
Midlife Chrisley
With Todd's birthday fast approaching, he begins to obsess about his age and reject getting older, but with the help of Mama Faye and her friends, he begins to accept the future.
S3 EP10
Failure To Launch
Julie is excited to start her new food blog but when no one "likes" her page, she and Todd go on a food journey, which takes them from fine French cuisine to foraging for their own food.
S3 EP9
Rules of Engagement

When Todd learns that Savannah has a new boyfriend, Todd goes to extreme lengths to try to get a glimpse of this new guy, and doesn't like what he sees.

S3 EP8
College Bootcamp
When Chase pays a stranger to change his flat tire, Todd and Julie realize that they have sheltered their kids and decide to put them through a rigorous real-life boot camp.
S3 EP7
Nurse Todd
Todd is hurt when he offers to help all his kids but no one needs it, until Savannah is hit with appendicitis and becomes reliant on Todd and Julie; Todd's dream come true.
S3 EP6
Chrisleys On Campus
Savannah and Chase plan a weekend on their own to tour a college in Nashville, but their plans are soon foiled by Todd and Julie.
S3 EP5
Dollars And Sense
Savannah has a rose-colored view of what her spending habits will look like when she goes off to college, so Todd puts her on a realistic budget to help prepare her for the real world.
S3 EP4
My Chrisley Valentine
When Todd learns that Chase is dating several different girls on Valentine's Day, he recruits Savannah to help teach his son a lesson about respecting women.
S3 EP3
Getting Testy
When Savannah makes a proposal to Todd, one that would allow her to go to college a year early, he wages an all-out family competition to keep her at home as long as possible.
S3 EP2
Life's A Pitch
Todd tries to save the day when he steps in to coach Grayson's baseball team, but when he finds out he's in way over his head, he must figure out how to regain the respect of 9-year olds.
S3 EP1
Savannah's Big ID-ea
When an influential Southern magazine asks The Chrisleys for an interview about all things fashion, Todd insists on controlling the situation by writing a script for his family to memorize.