Gif Recap: Episode 205 "Chase's 18th Birthday"

Chase is turning 18! Party time!

Now this Chrisley boy thinks he’s a grown-ass man. Bye bye, rules!

Well, Todd and Julie are happy to let Chase treat the house like a hotel…

…as long as he pays his bill.

To make matters worse, Savannah wants to date Chase’s best friend, Tyler.

Nothing is going Chase’s way, so he checks out of Hotel Chrisley.

Yes, Chase is leaving home to make his way in the world…sort of.

Todd and Julie are only too happy to let their son crash and burn.

But they aren’t above conspiring with Faye to stack the deck against him.

Meanwhile, Chase thinks his swinging bachelor days are about to begin.

But Faye has a few other ideas.

Chase doesn’t know it, but he’s about to get in over his head.

Waaaaaay over his head.


At the same time, Savannah decides to go ahead and have lunch with Tyler.

And it’s almost like Chase can sense something is amiss.

Or maybe he’s just bored of the bachelor life already.

Todd doesn’t have much sympathy for his son’s situation.

Chase isn’t ready to go home just yet.

But he may not be able to hold out for much longer…